Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Various means of transport

Test Dept. - Forward
Princess Tinymeat - Jay Gone Bimbo, Angels In Pain
Yello - Bimbo
Tones on Tail - Performance
NO MORE - Ice Cold Waves
LE LU - Muscles
Steve Thomsen - No Return
Andrew Liles - President Zagan

Neil Jendon - The Morbid Age (excerpt with WZRD DJ reading "PARADISE ON EARTH" flyers by eccentric lady in Nebraska)  Thanks to Scott Scholz

Marlene Dietrich - Illusions
Connie Francis - La Mala Femena
Nancy Sinatra - The City Never Sleeps At Night
Skeeter Davis - Raining In My Heart
Joe Meek & His Blue Men - Valley of No Return
The Lennon Sisters - Tumbling Tumbleweed
Lee Hazlewood - We All Make The Little Flowers Grow
Mercy - Love Can Make You Happy
Lesley Gore - Judy's Turn To Cry

Lord Dent and his Invaders - Wolf Call (from Ghouls Night Out Vol. 2)
Carl Bonafede - Werewolf
Ron Pate's Debonairs - excerpt from "Pataphysical Revue"

F2RC - Rotting Corpse of Satans Bunghole

*missing from audio archive*
Justin Marc Lloyd - excerpt from "Shenpa" cassette  *with*
Joel Chadabe/Irene Oliver, soprano - Settings for Spirituals *LP excerpt*
Nina Simone - Go To Hell
Vertonen - Cascadia (Driving Into The Sun) *played at 33RPM, from split 7" with Jason Talbot*
Ataraxic Ataxia - ...Surely Must Be Hell

Akira Ifukube - King Kong VS. Godzilla (Original Soundtrack Theme)
Dali's Car - Create and Melt
Snakefinger - The Man In The Dark Sedan
Eugene Chadbourne - Flight of The Bumblebee *request*
Sick Hyenas - Surf n' Blood
Jon McCallum - excerpt from Surf Nazis Must Die soundtrack cassette Side A
Tod Dockstader - Seance
COIL - I Don't Want to Be The One
Dave Jones - Kirk (talk over)

COH & Coil - East.Er.Okay.Hell
Haus Arafna - What You Said
EaViL - Archer Station (failed CDR attempt)
Pharmakon - Body Betrays Itself
Puce Mary - Fear (from Fear and Pleasure cassette)
Arachnad - Untitled track 1 from 3 way split CDR with GOATUS and ENOXAEON)
The Confessor by Bryan Lewis Saunders & Dylan Nyoukis
*with *
ONO - X-Ray

BLOOD RHYTHMS - "Assembly" LP excerpt Side B

Monday, October 27, 2014

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Zip Listen (with sporadic gaps)


BLOODLUST – Conversations with Real Vampires
Zacherle – Hury Bury Baby
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – These Remains
COIL – Blood from The Air / Who By Fire
Trent Reznor – excerpt from “Quake” video game music
Illusion of Safety – Shadowplay
Jon McCallum – excerpt from Side B of  “Surf Nazis Must Die” OST
Comfort Link – excerpt from “Gentle Sounds” cassette
Namanax – Monstrous

Tools You Can Trust – Blaze of Shame
Merzbow – GMAN (excerpt)
Urethra Franklin and the Ghetto Children – excerpt from “Better Than Your Mom In Bed!!!” cassette
Gallhammer – Killed By The Queen
Paul Barker, Nivek Ogre – respite

Heldon (Richard Pinhas) – excerpt from Side A of “EGG” LP
Mahler Haze – Excerpt from “LUPUS DEI” cassette
Captain Mission = excerpt from “Analog Space” cassette
Tuxedo Moon – Crash
The Space Lady – Major Tom
Monitor – We Get Messages
Nico – Camera Obscura
Lio – J’Obtiens dujour ce que je veaux
Iggy Pop - Eat or Be Eaten
 Bowed Metal Music excerpt from cassette (talk over)

Gershon Kingsley - Ghostly Sounds (excerpt from LP)
Black Sabbath - Who Are You?


Archietects Office—Reagent
Gurdjieff improvisation from May, 1949
Silica Gel—Beauty Bugabo
Genickschuss—Gnade (from comp:  “Abschied Aus Berne”)
Tuareg Medicinal Chamt (recorded in Mali)
Asterisk—Janik Top II remixed (“decomposed”) by Merzbow
Eliane Radigue—Jetsun Mila (excerpt)
John Pfeiffer—Forests (from “9 Images”)

156--Taking a Look at a Moment Lost (side A)(Exerpt)
Ron Pate's Debonairs--From the one that Cut You


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Deep Blood, Cat Creak

I was a guest for 5 hours.  I burned 4 CDs of audio, but I don't think I finalized them correctly.  I hope to eventually do that.  In the mean time, I really have to marvel at some of the cassettes especially that I was able to unearth at the station, even in a serious transitional/construction period where most of their catalog was boxed up.  About 25% of the stuff I played was what I had ready/brought from home. 

Here is a recording with gaps where cassettes were played, and when CDrs were being switched.  

Black Merda - Sometimes I Wish
Death - you're a Prisoner
Selda - Mehmet Emme
Lovely Little Girls - Wide Mouth Penetrated Makeshift Mustache Man
Residents - Hello Skinny / Six More Miles (to The Graveyard) excerp  Kaw - Liga
Sun Ra - Door Squeak (talk over)

Blu Aus Nord - Odinist
Drunks with Guns -Wonderful Subdivision
Couch - Black Bubble
Lydia Lunch - Love Split with Blood
Illusion of Safety - Popular Delusions (IOS playing last show on 10/10 at Live Wire with Nookleptia)
Fripp & Eno - Swastika Girls (reversed) (talk over)

Falco - Nothin' Sweeter Than Arabia
Mexican Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast - Que Le Ha Pasado El Sabado?
Psychic TV - Part One: Kondole "Deadcat" (excerpt)
Vashti Bunyan - Some things just stick in your mind
David Bowie - A New Career In A New Town
Mabuhay Singers - Ang Pipit
Black Roller Crop Rotation - Wizard of Suicide
Karl Paloucek - Jutland
Japanese CD unknown on Columbia music
The Fugs - Dirty Old Man
Mammal - Skin Tricks

The Fall - Living Too Late
Connie Stevens - Cold, Cold Heart
Bonnie Guitar - Dark Moon
Robin Hitchcock - Full Moon In My Soul
Lucia Pamela - Walking on The Moon
Tiny Tim - With My Guitar
Dick Haymes - Ave Maria
Public Image Limited - Acid Drops
Public Image Limited - Four Enclosed Walls
Flux of Pink Indians - Nothing Is Not Done
Led Zeppelin - Bonzo's Montreux
Mika Vainio - In Silence A Scream Takes A Heart (talk over, reading bad poetry)

J. Peter Schwalm/Brian Eno - Tristan & Isolde: Blue Brown & Green (remix)
Darkthrone - Sno Og Granskog / Quintessence
Zendik Farm Band - Anthem/Acid/Children of the Night (excerpt)
WILT - A Small Release (talk over)

Cheer-Accident - Sun Dies
Ash Pool - Crucifixion Fantasy
The Plasmatics - Brain Dead (from the Maggots soundtrack)
The Dickies - Booby Trap
Neige Et Noirceur - excerpt from "Philosohie des Arts Occultes" cassette on Land of Decay

Daniel Menche - Track 2 from "Creatures of Cadence" CD
Hafler Trio - "Bag of Cats" excerpt *
Andrew Mac Kenzie & John Duncan - "Contact" excerpt  *(from a promotional cassette for a show with Hafler Trio, Karkowski & Bilting, and Phauss...  Sunday Dec 2, 1990 at Club Lower Links)
 E. Lunde - Excerpt from Side B of "Form's Forced Surrender: Soundtrack of 'Planned Obsolescence'" cassette

Conrad Schnitzler & Sohn - Heute, da geht's uns gut (from "Electronic Sampler" on "Transmitter Cassetten" label
Brotman & Short - Buzzing Stops
Controlled Bleeding - excerpt from "Body Samples" cassette
AMK - excerpt from Side B of "selected montage performances 1989" (cassette featuring gx, blackhumour, the minister, lucifer sam, and the babo)
Blood Stereo - excerpt from "This Creaking Thirst" cassette
Clock DVA - The Unseen

Goblin - Profondo Rosso

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Umbra Autem Mortis Per Singulas Noctes Lectum Umbras Sacrificium Putredo In Umbras Se Prava

*Partial recording*  LISTEN

Erma Bombeck - My Daughter Writes Obituaries
Foetus Art Terrorism - Calamity  Crush
Borghesia - She Is Not Alone (Sonic youth)
2-Kut - Beat Boy

Mac Blackout - Rock N Roll Animals
ALU - Halt Dich Fest
Cabaret Voltaire - Talkover/Here She Comes Now (Lou Reed)
Ceramic Hello - Climactic Nouveaux
Aus Lauter Liebe - Pingelig
Chrome - Anorexic Sacrifice
Asmus Tietchens - Musik Unter Tage (excerpt)

The Gun - Race with The Devil
KAK - Everything's Changing
Iron Butterfly - Real Fright
It's a Beautiful Day - White Bird
Faust - No Harm
FreiWillige Selbstkonrolle - Im Westen nix Neues
Pseudo Code - Moon Effect
T. Rex - Venus Loon
Rudimentary Peni - Sacrifice

AUBE - In The Beginning (Excerpt)
Vertonen  - excerpt from "Flooded" cassette
 Joe Colley - Blur Vigil (from the Disasters of Self box set)
Charlie Draheim - Track 4 from MICHIGAN box set
Mutant Ape - Playing Wound

Olivia Block - excerpt from "Karren" LP Side B

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WZRD 40th Anniversary

Acid Mother's Temple, Perhaps, Silver Abuse 
May 18th 8pm
$18 / $10 with NEIU ID

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety) DJing on WZRD in 1988

Some archives from Daniel Burke's time at WZRD are now audible at WFMU, 8 hours worth, from 1988!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


ok its been over a year since anything was added to this blog.
Just stoping in here to let you know I've contacted some former Wizards and they have agreed to share some archves of shows from long ago. I have another dj set too (about 4 hours that will be up here too from like the early 2000's ) stay tuned ........ still might take some time but it will get here.