Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lamp Water

Art by Arvo Zylo

Battle Trance - excerpt from "Blade of Love" LP Side A
Wanda Group - excerpt from "A Slab About Being Held Captive" LP Side A
Freddy Ruppert - excerpt from "Wait" cassette Side A
Max Eilbacher - excerpt from "Schizophrenia As Architecture" cassette Side A
Gary Wilson & Tredici Bacci - Newark Valley / I Wanna Lose Control
Paul Roessler - The Old People / Gila Monster Stomp
Hedone Tears - Moonlit Paradise
Gitane Demone Quartet - Eva Braun (Screamers cover)
CROMAGNON - Caledonia   (Your DJ Talks over Ritual Feast of The Libido)

Gravemist - Take Me As I Am (Boudleax Bryant)
Susan Raye - Nobody's Fool
Karen Dalton - It Hurts Me Too
Ampyre - Your Punishment
Dreadlords - Track 2 from 4 way split CDR with Clang Quartet, Roro Perrot, and Brandon Hill ("#9: In a world that has REALLY been turned on its head, truth is a moment of falsehood.".....   "BADC1"  ltd to 50 copies)

Somnoroase Păsărele - excerpt from "TION" CDR track 1.  

Aaron Dilloway  -  Corpse on Horseback LP side B excerpt
Diatric Puds & The Blobettes - excerpt from "Weird Watusi Variations" 7 inch
Glands of External Secretion with Nels Cline - excerpt from "Icebox (Defrosted Mix)", on split CD with My Cat Is An Alien.

Comfort Link - excerpt from Side A of "the celestial music of..." cassette

Dieter Müh - relentless

Arachnad - Winter Telescope (from split CDr with Albert Tross)
Negativland - They Know How Busy You Are
Gorgonized Dorks - Neurotic Governments
Mesarthim -  .​.​-​-​-
(your dj talks over "Voices of The Loon" LP)
cassettes hitherto played from a cassette recorder in mono because the tape deck jammed>>>>>

Moochie Moonies (?) - Slumber Party Fun (not sure, 1981 DATGO Wreckchords, handpainted cassette single)
Unnatural Logarhithm - excerpt from side A of "Do Not Play This Side" cassette ("logunn5", 81-82, Logarithmic Tapes)
Physimenspirit - Shy Why Be (excerpt)

FâLX çèrêbRi - excerpt from Rite 64 cassette side A

Fred Austere - Feel The Pain pts 1,2,3 (from "Too Scared To Dance" cassette (could possibly be on a label called "End Game"?)

Cultural Amnesia - excerpt from Video Rideo cassette
malignantfetus - excerpt from "suicide kit" cassette (1989 Elmhurst, Il)

Attrition & Audio Leter ‎– Action And Reaction (Critique Of Leisure Consumption)  *excerpt

The Miracle - excerpt from "Jammus Interruptus"
Anvil - excerpt from "10th Anniversary" cassette
A/Noyz - excerpt from "Tale from the Broken Mirror" cassette
Dutyface - excerpt from "Minimo Mesmo" cassette

Girl Thirteen

Girl Thirteen - excerpt from "I WANTED TO BE GOING SOMEWHERE" cassette on Complacency 1986
DZ Electric & Anthon Shield - excerpt from cassette "From Europe With Love" on Cause and Effect 1985
Influenza Prods. - excerpt from "Quasi Solo" cassette on Cause and Effect
Experdo Credo Roberto - excerpt from self titled cassette on Magisch Theater Productions / 3Rio Tapes.  
Slave Ant Raid - excerpt from self titled cassette
New Carrollton - excerpt from self titled cassette
Omnicircus - excerpt from "Offering" cassette Side B (1982)
Swej Naissur - excerpt from "JR BAG 30" cassette with handpainted canvas j card and hand painted tape.... no other information... 
Spank (Boston, MA) - excerpt from "Soundtrack to Bog" cassette demo

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

winter mouth and pharynx, black specters

(Sarah Moskowitz & Arvo Zylo)

Ennio Morricone “Theme from the Thing”
Bruce Lacey “Cycles of the Serpent I” [excerpt]
Mister Matthews “Rust Belt”
Some trains
Mani Neumeier “Jingle Shiva-Bells”
Rose Kallal “Vermillion Vortex”
Juicy Bananas “Bad Man”
Esplendor Geometrico “Introspeccion”
Klara Lewis – untitled track from her album Ett
Big Daddy Kane “Ooh Aah Nah-Nah-Nah”
Cabaret Voltaire “Stay Out of It”
[your dj speaks over some Black Box]

Little Hank “Mister Bang-Bang Man”
BB Jr. ??  from Tearjerker
Giuseppe Ielasi – some untitled composition
Francois Bayle – “l’ecriture acoustique”
Aranos “Towards Glittering Warm Dumplings”
Afrosound “Caliventura”

Alesia Cosmos “H-Co”
Akio Suzuki side A track 2 of Analapos
Christian Marclay “Black Stucco”
Genickschuus “Gnade”
Shit n Shine “Electric Pony 2”
Hadudaim “Vayiven Uziyahu”

Sandie Shaw – I’ll Stop At Nothing
Tredici Bacci – Give Him The Gun (featuring JG Thirlwell)
Leonard Cohen – Diamonds In The Mine
Arthur Brown – Fire

Gitane DeMone – There is a Man (accidentally cued the end of the song on the LP)
SAND – Desert Storm
Bob Bucko Jr. – Our Constant Source of Light
Nine Inch Nails - The New Flesh (alternate version)
M.Nomized - Ledini Blud (featuring Mors Mea)
Amputation Theory - Desire (excerpt from Voyeur cassette on Cipher Productions)
Excerpt from "Necronomicon 3" V/A cassette 
Reality Scare - Out The Window
I Scream - excerpt from "Tomorrow is Another Day" cassette (Side B, "Cyclical Music", 1976)

Bull of Heaven - excerpt from "333 - Of Course, The Personality Is Gone" (R.I.P. Clayton Counts)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Journey Into Dream-Rot Flux


Arvo's internet feedback monk grunt/chant meditation
Ennio Morricone - Wait / Humanity (Part 2) from THE THING soundtrack
Neal Hefti - The Mafista
Ray Manzarek - The Gambler
Pink Floyd - Crumbling Land
Archie Shepp - Prelude To A Kiss
Atlantis Philharmonic - My Friend
Carpe Diem - Voyage Du Non-retour

Mona Lisa - Solaris
Ambergris - Walking on the Water
Guru Guru - der electrolurch
Ash Ra Temple - Deep Distance
Cluster II - georgel
Ambience Two: An Adventure in Environmental Sound LP Side A:  "Contentment: Hearth Warming" excerpt


Rogalli Nr. II - Pathos I (from Neue Deutsche Peinlichkeit)
Pascal Comelade - Harley Davidson (from Slow Music cassette)
Peter Frohmader - Ascension
Michel Mouline - Le ballet des mouches
LLL  - excerpt from "Hoffnung" cassette

Frank Garvey - excerpt from "Guardian Knot" cassette (soundtrack to a "video opera")

Robert Ashley - excerpt from Perfect Lives (a television opera)
Alvin Lucier - excerpt from "Crossings" (for small orchestra with slow sweep pure wave oscillator, 1982-84) *with
Merzbow - excerpt from "Fonctionnarisation" cassette
Illusion of Safety - excerpt from home-made "new material" cassette (undated, probably 1987 or before)
Laxative Souls - excerpt from Side B of "Twist and Decease" cassette
Problemist - excerpt from "Pop Religion is Love" cassette
Operating Theatre - excerpt from "Rapid Eye Movements" cassette
Robert Haigh - excerpt from "Best of" cassette on United Dairies
Entropy - excerpt from "(Treatments for Guitars, Basses, and Piano)" cassette ("from Entropy Video release date 9.87, Atavistic Video...")
Sugar Cane Harris - Bad Feet
*turntable manipulation with effects*
Potemkine - Odes De Mars

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Strange Last Words

Art by Isabel Skye Phillips

Echo & The Bunnymen - People Are Strange
Monsieur Goraguer - Sexy Dracula
OLGA - Play Another Song For Me
George Lamond - Bad of The Heart
Paul Engemann / Giorgio Moroder  - Scarface (Push It To The Limit)
Kenny Loggins - I'm Alright
Joe Esposito - You're The Best
Frida - Something's Going On
Cars - Maybe Baby
Bow Wow Wow - I Want My Baby On Mars
Yello - Oh Yeah
Egyptian Lover - I Need A Freak
2-Kut - Beat Boy (Club mix featuring Anna Wildsmith, 1989)


Prince - Partyman
David Bowie - Real Cool World
Klaus Nomi - Total Eclipse
Adam and the Ants - Feed Me to The Lions
Public Image Limited - The Order of Death
Queen - excerpt from FLASH GORDON soundtrack
Nico - My Heart Is Empty
Mark Stewart - These Things Happen
Thomas Dolby - My Brain is Like a Sieve
Culture Club - Love Is Cold (You Were Never No Good)
Yazoo - Nobody's Diary
Ministry - I'm Not An Effigy

Barnes & Barnes - Cemetery Girls
Bobby McPherin - Don't Worry (Be Happy) (slowed down and messed)
Country & Western - Positive Energy Zentrifuge (excerpt, effected \ collaged)
Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al (effected/collaged)
Todd Rundgren - No World Order


Severed Heads - Godsong
Die Krupps featuring Nitzer Ebb - Machineries of Joy (True Work Mix)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Genocide (defective tape?)

Thomas Leer - Kings of Sham
Fixated - Casual Diversion
Controlled Bleeding - Words of The Dying

Warren Zevon - Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School
Danny Elfman - Stolen Bike (from Pee Wee's Big Adventure)
Gerard McMann  - Cry Little Sister

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ordure Immune Desert Moon

Hidden Persuaders Artwork by øjeRum

Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltijat - excerpt from "Koskemattomuus"
RUBBISH - excerpt from "ANTI?" cassette
Faustian Orbs - excerpt from "Unicorn Entrails" cassette (Rotary Demon)
Sterile Garden - excerpt from "One Year Cycle" cassette
O'Nancy in French - excerpt from CD on Impulsy Stetoskopu

Illusion of Safety - excerpt from split LP with HOLEIST
Pierrot Lunaire - excerpt from "Imitation of Life" cassette
bran (...) pos - excerpt from The Bubblegum Forgeries Vol 4 ("My Blue Heaven")
Anton LaVey - The More I See You

Georges Montalba - Danse Macabre (some turntable trouble)
Jack Hylton and his Orchestra - Wind In The Willows
Cliff Edwards - Night Owl
Gravemist - Deathless Dream 
Seger Ellis - Shine On, Harvest Moon
Frank Sinatra - Melancholy Mood
Gene Moss - Drac The Knife


Sand - Tendrara
Varlet Tarsod (Dead Luke side project) - excerpt from "Petupv To Sapkvedd"
COIL - Going Up
SOW (R.I.P.) - Blood Sucking Bitch / Ssik

The late Anna Wildsmith

Nurse with Wound - Nil By Mouth
dave phillips - excerpt from "in the dust" ("abgrund" LP Side A.)
JG Thirlwell - Ecclesiophobia
WILT - Hour of the Wolf
Edward Ka-Spel - "Zone 1" from "Dream Loops" CD
Electric Sewer Age - therebealiensoutthere
Freezerghost - excerpt from "Ghost Storm"

Gnarly Sheen - Transit of Venus
FILTH - Sensory Deprivation (excerpt)
*Decapitated HED - excerpt from "Subversive Club Processes" LP
Esplendor Geometrico - Min Dahul

*missing from archive


Hidden Persuaders - excerpt from Elegies and Curses cassette Side A (Andreas Brandaal)
ONO - Invocation (excerpt from SPOOKS 2xCS)
You've Got Foetus On Your Breath - Dying with My Boots On
Soft Cell - Insecure Me
The Cars - Shake It Up
Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove - Hotel California
Alejandro Jodorowsky - Eye of The Beholder (from The Holy Mountain OST)
OPPONENTS - Psychosexual Spiritual

Controlled Bleeding - The Perks of Being A Perv


Whourkr - Mindgerb
Squarepusher - Future Gibbon
trs-80 - Telemetry
TROU - excerpt from "Nebelsturm" cassette


*Critter Piss - Excerpt from NIGHTCAP (with internet feedback and effects)
*COIL - Hellraiser (with effects)
*Corpse Candle - excerpt from "Don't Kill The Messenger" cassette
Nookleptia - Never Without

*didn't make it on archive

Paul Markus - dream part I (from "songs for film" CDR)
Boyle/Bucko - excerpt from "Shitbound"... cassette on PERSONAL ARCHIVES
Vertonen - Invocation
KK NULL - Vulcanoid 1 (excerpt)
excerpt from V/A - RHIZOMATIC ST. LOUIS cassette VOL 4
Twin Whips - excerpt from "Wallowing In Excrement"
More Eaze - excerpt from "(frail)" cassette
Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltijat - excerpt from "Valkoinen Terrori" cassette

Monday, October 10, 2016

IMPOSSIBLE DEATH (please wait)


Divine - Born To Be Cheap
Black Sabbath - Never Say Die
Cherubs - Sandy On The Beach
Sesso Violento - Sick Fuck / Life Is Pain
Strangulated Beatoffs - Earth to Satan
November Novelet - Be Grateful to Your Murderer
Throbbing Gristle - Almost A Kiss
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental - Day Breaks, Night Heals
J.G. Thirlwell -  Symphony VII part II (from Tony Oursler's Imponderable OST)
bran (...) pos - Begin the Beguine / Stranger In Paradise
Soft Serve - Dynamite Nasty 

ALU - Bitte Warten Sie!
Sharkula - Untitled track from CDr demo circa 2003 (instrumental)
Death Factory - excerpt from Side A of Recycled Cassette on RRR
Robert Vincs - Playing with Tears
Hevent Orizon't - excerpt from "aiaiai" CDr ("Modern Modality 1985")
Vertonen  - Entoner (from "Pont Respiration" cassette)
Pigswill - A Deliverance
Rodental - Socket Clowns
Sharkula - excerpt from untitled 2011 CDr (live on WHPK/WZRD interview)*
Brian Klein - Tumbling Spider (short version)*

*didn't make it on audio archive

World (of Dreams) - UFO Engine Room* / Moon Waltz
Modelbau - Juxtaposition (from Judder cassette side B)
Ilhan Mimaroglu - Wings of The Delirious Demon (cassette bootleg)
156 - excerpt from "Memento Mori" 10 inch
Contagious Orgasm - excerpt from "Loop Liberation" CD
Skozey Fetisch - excerpt from "Evidence" cassette
Thirteen Hurts - Chemtrails
Pierrot Lunaire - excerpt from "Chimera" (Exercise in Futility cassette Side B)
Karl Paloucek - Jutland
Haus Arafna - The Way You Go
Psychic TV - Guiltless
Betty Davis - Born on The Bayou 
Simony - Dass du Einst Fuer Mich Gelitten

Monday, July 18, 2016

Assisted Downfall (or The Flying Radioactive Orderly of Love)

Part 1

dave phillips & Aspec (T) featuring Leif Elgrenn - Finned Alive
Etant Donnes with Michael Gira - Untitled Track 3 from Offenbarung Und Untergang By Georg Trakl
Etant Donnes with Alan Vega - Re-Up
T.O.M.B. - excerpt from split CD with Black Scorpio Underground
Death Factory - excerpt from bonus CDR with Nocturnal Dimension LP
ENOXAEON - Faceless I Wander
Wolf Eyes/Sickness - excerpt from "There Is A Part of Me That You Will Never Know" LP
Gnaw their Tongues - The Acolyte Procession (from split LP with Demonologists)
Critter Piss - HIDE ME

Part Two

R/B (Blake Edwards/Rennie Tulsi) - Side B from Two Nights 7 inch (1995)
dave phillips / hiroshi hasegawa - radioactive darkness
Unknown Artist - excerpt from "Holy Holy Holy" cassette on FANATICISM
Spiteful Womb - Perfecting Neglect (excerpt)
Skin Graft - excerpt from Activity Intolerance cassette
Jeff Rehnlund - excerpt from "Smoke from The Mirror" LP
K2 - "Trash Nukes" from split LP with Blackfire
Oscillating Innards - excerpt from Grey Variables LP
Dissecting Table - excerpt from split LP with Anemone Tube

LAIBACH - (Overture) To...   (from VHUTEMAS ARCHETYPI compilation LP)
Esplendor Geometrico - Hemen Nago - Polyglophone CD
Prostate - Saint
EaViL - Archer Station
DEV/NULL - Goblin
Madonna & Otto Von Wernherr - Cosmic Climb 
Somnoroase Păsărele - excerpt from Side A of VOMA cassette
bran (...) pos -  Carpets & Spice
Sudden Infant - Termite Club (from "Things That Happened" LP)
Hans Grusel - Der Hunterhund
Pigswill - Beast 
Mahler Haze - Cordially
*didn't make it on the archive

Part Three

FOETUS - Quick Fix
Ash Pool - Holocaust Temple
BLACKDEATH - Stolz der falsen Engel
Black Whispers - Never-ending Unsteadiness
WIZZARD - Wear A Fast Gun
 Master Musicians Of Jajouka/Brian Jones Presents The Pipes Of Pan At Jajouka- Take Me With You My Darling, Take Me With You (Dinimaak A Habibi Dinimaak)
Ampyre - Color of the leaves
Bob Bucko Jr. - Improv II 042614 (from CRANK SPIRIT cd)
Tanz Ohne Musik - Between Our Body Shapes
Robert Rental - Double Heart
SWANS - Finally, Peace
Jarboe - Blood & Honey
Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove - When You're Better

Part 4 

BRIDE - Paoli Massacre (from 7 inch on Finders)
Prince - For You / In Love
SWANS - Laugh 
 Nuit Noire - Faerie In Me

Danny Clay, Mabel Kwan - Track 6 from Inventions
Smegma - After Midnight (Live at No Fun Fest LP)
Bull of Heaven - A Feeling For The Order  Lying Behind The Appearance (excerpt)

Soundoferror (Dan Burke) - Modern Magic

Honorable mentions:  I never got around to airing material from the benefit album on behalf of Robert Turman, who is recovering from heart surgery.   The Aaron Dilloway track was definitely missed.  And I wanted to air something by John Carpenter, as his show at Thalia Hall this past weekend was real nervous!  I got static in my attic!