Monday, July 13, 2015

The Glory of War

photograph by William Mortensen

*A reunion of sorts from former regular co-hosts on the now defunct Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show. 

*please note that there are gaps between switching discs upon recording these shows*

Arvo Zylo part one
The Specials - What I Like Most About You
Art Bears - Civilization
Tangerine Dream - Severen Dies (from Near Dark OST)
Disasterpeace - Doppel
Robert Ashley - Endorsements
*talkover* Celer - Tightrope while reading PSA about The Buddy Program

Ivor Cutler - Do You Ever Feel Lonely, Boo Boo Bird
Robert Wyatt - Age of Self
Andy Partridge and Harold Budd - Hand 20
COIL - Lost Rivers of London
Goblin Rebirth - Mysterium
LOCRIAN - An Index of Air
*talkover* Lucio Fulci - Un Gato Nel Cervello

Pink Anvil - Facing Death
Nadja - No Cure for the Lonely (SWANS)
Jesu - The Funeral Party (The Cure)
Taki Pantos - Lock Me In Your Heart
Dennis Larsson - Holly

++Sarah Moskowitz (part two)
Aube ( Akifumi Nakajima) - In The Beginning
Angus MacLise - Solo, recorded 1969 NYC

Irma Serrano - Lloren Organillos
Cherry Wainer - Cerveza
Art Bears (again) - Freedom
Vogel - Good Morning
Tony Conrad - Slapping Pythagoras, Part 1:  "Pythagoras, Refusing to Cross the Field"
 (with an interview w/ HAL & Giuseppe Ielasi & Kassel Jaeger - 7 mixed in)

Philip Glass skipping w/ Hanatarash, "Ultra Cocker"
The Nath Family recorded live in Nepal
Hans Gursel's Krankenkabinet - suBwarren2
Wilma - Alexander Haig
Hirsche Nichst Aufs Sofa - Vorschau Auf Das 21. Jahrhundert
Eric Random & The Bedlamites "Mad as Mankind"

Annea Lockwood - Deep Water Gong
Alvin Lucier - Wind Shadows
Eliane Radigue - Jetsun Mila


Lidia Vomito and Bryan Chump Change Part three
1. Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla
2. Witchfinder General -  Love On Smack
3. Twisted Sister - Cant Stop Rock N Roll
4. 45 Grave - Evil
5.  Medusa - Stangulation
6. Witch Cross -Rocking The Night Away
7. Wild Dogs - Life Is Just A Game
8. Saccharine Trust - Community Lie
9. I.D. Under - Police State
10. Killers - I Know
11. Ill Repute - Dont Get Used
12. Fartz - Music Critics
13. Celtic Frost - Circle Of Tyrants
14. Devastation - Awaken From Death
15. Ded Engine - Hang Together
16. Ed Gien's Car - Bars And Brick
17. Zero Boys - Amphetamine Addiction
18. Zero Boys - New Generation
19. Angkor Wat - Emotional Blackmail

20. Death - Spiritual Healing
21. Living Death - Heavy Metal Hurrican
22. Satan's Hallow - The Horror
23. Necronomicon - Possessed By Evil
24. Saccharine Trust - Human Certainty
25. Hickoids - Williamanza
Famous Monsters Speak

Arvo part 4
Foetus Interruptus - Don't Hide It, Provide it
Iggy Pop - run Like A Villain
Ministry - Work For Love
Depeche Mode - Satellite
Chris & Cosey - Love Cuts
*talkover* Joseph Rouleau - excerpt from "Great French Opera Arias" Lp
het Magisch Theater - Magthea and Insanity *cassette excerpt
Cabaret Voltaire - Live atYMCA 27/10/79 "Expect Nothing"
Boris Policeband - Tow Away
Dave Ball - Mirrors / Sincerity (featuring Genesis P Orridge)
Kate Bush - Suspended In Gaffa
Danielle Dax - Hammerheads
 *talkover* Paul Carson - Pipe Organ LP

Spirocheta Pergoli - Romero's Living Dead
Ennio Morricone - Magic and Ecstasy (from Exorcist II OST)
Magma - Mekanik Kommandoh
Sun - Ra - Jazz from an Unknown Planet (at 45 RPM)

Sow - Found In The Lake


Mike K :  part 5
1). Ash Pool - Sin of Life
2). Nachmystium- Scorpio Incarnate

3). El Ritual - Easy Woman
4). The Waitresses - They are all out of Liquor , lets find another party
5). The Offenders - you keep me hanging on
6). German Shepards- THC
7). DRI - Snap
8). Porno Patrol - Jump Back
9). Treason - Drop Out
10). Sun City Girls - Caravan
11). outer Limits Tv Excerpt - the Galaxy Being
12). Merzbow - Vermin with tCarcass
13). P16.d4/Swimming behavior of the human Infant - No! No!
14). Organum - Voice of the Ange l/Incarnate
15). Cocteau Twins

---- Arvo part 6

Cliff Edwards - Paddlin' Madeline Home
Spike Jones - Portia and The Hollywood Wolf
The Seven Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
Herschell Gordon Lewis - Noise (From Blast Off Girls)
Maury Laws -  Mad Monster Creep
Sonny Dick and The Panics - The Voo Doo Walk
Ken Nordine - Strollin' Spooks

Graeme Revell (SPK) - Ebony Tower In The Orient. Water Fanfaare No. 1 (from Necropolis, Amphibians, & Reptiles, The Music of Adolf Wolfli)
John Lurie - Sex With Monster (from OST The Resurrection of Albert Ayler)
G.I. Gurdjieff - May 20, 1949 (from "Improvisations" LP)
Good Stuff House - excerpt from Side A of Untitled LP
Ernst Reijseger - Dank Sei Der Gott (from Requiem for  a Dying Planet: Sounds for Two Films By Werner Herzog)
Wilt - A Daemonic Alteration

Malo - I'm for Real (*with some leftover Wilt cassette)
Cannibal & The Headhunters - Zulu King
Kenny Owen - I got The Bug
Barnes & Barnes - Please Please Me
Richard H Kirk & Peter Hope - N. O.

Ombrelli Sciolti - Polyp On Silk Pillow
BBJr - Someting Incarnate
Jacula - Ritus

Thursday, April 9, 2015


*questionable archive results forthcoming*
ONO - Saturday Date
Danielle Dax - Born To Be Bad
Taki (AKA "Taike Santos") track one from untitled cdr.
Nancy & Lee - Sundown, Sundown
Dead Boys - Ain't It Fun

Van Der Graaf Generator - Lizard Play
Tones on Tail - Burning Skies
Nash The Slash - Children of The Night
John Carpenter - Night
M. Akers - Opening / Eyewitness (from the 7 inch "Unused Score for La Puntura Velenosa Della Notte")
Cosmonauts Hail Satan - Pittsburgh Voodoo Satellite

Ruth - Mots
Flash Cero - Ciudad Estelar
Monte Cazazza - Stairway to Hell
Dome - Seven Year
Machine Listener - Machine Perception

Rema-Rema - Instrumental
Nun - In Blood
Sharlyn Evertsz - Get Outta Nowhere Fast
Justine & Julliette - Touch of the Master (Kiss of The Whip)
Bloom Offering - Sleeps with Ghosts
Delia Derbyshire - Nightwalker

White Ring - Ixc999
(11 year old) Bjork - Bukolla (your Kiss Is Sweet) [stevie wonder, syreeta]
Honey  Bane - Turn Me On, Turn Me Off
Dolly Parton - I'm A Drifter
Marvin Gaye - Dark Side of The World
Solid Space - Darkness In My Soul
Doris Norton - Drugraptus

Rudimentary Peni - One and All
Sesso Violento - track 2 from "Molestador" single sided LP
Senyawa - Abu
Vorde - Hatewave
Musical Linn Twins - Rockin' Out The Blues

Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Schwarze Biene (Black Maja)