Monday, March 27, 2017

Les Temps Des Fleurs Du Mal

Screen Shot from Sandie Shaw's "Les Temps Des Fleurs" Scopitone

Strawberry Switchblade - Trees and Flowers
Julee Cruise - Animal
The Cure - Where The Birds Always Sing
Lana Del Rey - High By The Beach (clean)
Sandie Shaw - Les Temps Des Fleurs
Brian Eno - I Fall Up
Uncle Wiggly - There Was An Elk
DJ talking over "Deep Voices: The Second Whale Record")

Kwuan Tai Duew Luk Phen (you should die by bullets)
Ding Ding Dong [Waipod Phetsuphan]
Annie Philippe - C'est La Mode
Sunil Ganguly - Are Diwano Mujhe Pehchano
Dur-Dur Band - Fagfagley
Aby Ngana Diop - Liital

J. A. Caesar - Kyojo Bushi
Bathory - Shores In Flames

Spiral and Spiral II by Morgan Garrett

BEAST - You've Got Rabies on Your Breath! (from Adult Swim compilation)
Shapednoise - Intruder
PHARMAKON - No Natural Order
Sudden Infant - Tandoori Chicken Scooter IV
Morgan Garrett - Spiral and Spiral II
DJ speaks over Morton Stevens - Thriller archival scores (Flowers of Evil)

Thirteen Hurts - Access Denied (from TO KILL A BLACK SNAKE: A NO DAPL COMPILATION)
Lalemus - excerpt from split cassette with Phantasm Nocturnes
Dave Ball + Jon Savage - Hypodermic
Bride - excerpt from split cassette with Blessed Sacrifist
Crystal Awareness + Don Campau - node path (excerpt with Keith Waldrop reading Benediction from Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil)

Coil - I Don't Want To Be The One
Recoil - excerpt from Hydrology LP Side A
ADULT. - We Chase The Sound (featuring Shannon Funchess)
Download - Sigesang
DJ speaks over Carter Burwell's Raising Arizona OST scores ("Dueling Ukeleles")

Voodoo Glow Skulls - Insubordination
Body Count - Institutionalized (edited)
Ice T- Shut Up, Be Happy
Crow - Evil Woman

The Good Rats - Anybody Got The Time
Treachery - Could Not Find Her Heart
Rotting Christ - Les Litanies de Satan (Fleurs du mal)
Metallica - The Unforgiven III
EaViL - MCK Squirrels (recorded live on WLUW/The Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show May 2009, from an unreleased album called "Fleurs du Mal")

Friday, March 24, 2017

no dukh, no sukh

[originally aired on 1/16/2017]


Tonto’s Expanding Headband “Jetsex”
Akio Suzuki “Analapos A-1”
GH “Packhorse”
Piotr Kurek “Go Up”
Colder “Maracas”
Unearth Noise “Decoding the Past”
Sarah Davachi “Aurum”
Thirteen Hurts “ZhUOZ”
RAKTA “Conjuracao Do Espelho”
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet “Wellegurtel No. 1” (mixed in)
[your DJ speaks over Dr. N. Ramani, flute, & Trichy Sankaran, drum “ragam-tanam-pallavi in raga kiravani”]
The Red Crayola “War Sucks”
Otto von Wernherr w/ Madonna “Cosmic Climb”
They Psychedelic Furs “Fall”
Zaenal Combo “Mabok Kepanjang”
“Thomas Dimuzio “Arc of the Fallen Arch”
William Basinski “Melancholia VII”
Yello “Daily Disco”
[your dj speaks over Quincy Jones’s “Call Me Mister Tibbs”]
The Box “No Time for Talk”
The Runaways “Cherry Bomb”
The Riddles “It’s One Thing to Say”
Tom Waits “Sea of Love”
Minoo Javan “Shi Abushieh”
Marlo Eggplant “Arvo”


Laibach & Germania “Sympathy for the Devil/ Who Killed the Kennedys”
A Pleasure “Slow Channel” [excerpt]
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland “15”
Spiteful Womb “Widening Wound” [excerpt]
Mort Garson & Arthur Prysock “I Need Your Love”
[your dj speaks over a Meredith Monk piano composition]
Bijelo Dugme “Glavni Junak Jedne Knige”
“Teri, the Security Director” from L.Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth soundtrack!
Makers of the Dead Travel Fast “The Dumbwaiters”
Depeche Mode “New Life”
“Cabaret Voltaire “Partially Submerged”
Miles Davis “Black Satin”
Path To Lobster Believers (AKA Angel Marcloid) “Sham God”
Ahleuchatistas “Our National Anthem”
[your dj speaks in the wind]
George Harrison “If Not For You”
Johnny Otis with Little Esther “Mean Ole Gal”
Landed “Bahdi Odour”
Alice Cooper “Laughing at Me”
Verckys “oui Verckys”
“Suricatta (Meerkat)” Matteo Colombo

Thursday, March 23, 2017

I Have Never Been So Appalled

[originally aired on 11/28/2016]


[nina hagen “Zarah” {dance mix}
Throbbing Gristle “Persuasion”
Mike Shiflet “Do Yourself a Favor and Forget”
Batillus’ “Concrete” remixed by Andy Stott
Drums from a Zen Service
When “From White to White”
Hanoi Rocks “Tooting Bec Wreck”
Hybrid Kids “Deck the Halls”
Lumisokea “Buk”
Tita Duval “Zombie Rock”
[your DJ speaks!]
Anna Zaradny “Theurgy 1 &2”
[your DJ reads a little news about quiet cars over the theme from Jaws]
Iain Gregory “The Night You Told a Lie”
George Kranz “5 Drums & Finale”
Nambuka Chileka “Ndayeya Mbwakeenda Taata”
[your DJ speaks over Pierre Bastien “The American of the Highway”]

La Morte Young “The Case of the 5 Sided Dream in Audio Colour”
Ton Steine Scherben “Jenseits von Eden”
The Mechanics “Sad Army”
“Africano” by Timmy Thomas
The Celibate Rifles “Gonna Cry”
Supersnazz “Year 1”
Sonic Youth & Lydia Lunch “Death Valley ‘69”
Silver Apples “I Have Known Love”
Daniel Lentz “Postludium” – for rubbed glasses & chorus [excerpt]
The Inward Circle “From Animals are Drawn Burning Lights”
Aaron Dilloway, untitled from the 6-LP set “Michigan”
Andy Partridge “Dame Fortune”
[your dj speaks over Charlie Morrow’s “Central Park 1850”]
Yenjit Porntawi “Lam Plearn Toh Lom Nhao”
Art Ensemble of Chicago “Certain Blacks Do What they Wanna”
Takeshi Terauchi “Uskadara” mixed in with a bunch of other crap
Captain Beefheart “Moody Liz”
Burn Love/We’re a Happy Family by Various Artists
Caroline K “Now Wait for Last Year”
Mario Ancona “Un Ballo In Maschera”
Wolf Eyes – untitled, from that same Michigan comp

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ectogasmic Protospasmatic Photoplasm!

Pierre Raymonde - Erotic Aerobics - Breathing Warm ups / Body Manipulations
Executive Suite - Why In the World (Do They Keep On Funkin' With Me?)
Arts & Craft - I've Been Searchin'
Luther Ingram - If It's All The Same To You, Babe
Marie "Queenie" Lyons - See and Don't See
(your DJ talks over Sergey Kuryokhin)

Tomorrow's People - Open Soul (excerpt)
excerpt from THE GREMLINS soundtrack
Carl Stone - Sukothai
Phillip Glass - Metamorphosis Four
Annie Gosfield - The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory Part II

Howard Stelzer - Basalt #2 (from "Normal Bias" 6xCS set on BALLAST) *excerpt
ADULT.  - Wreck (excerpt)
Arjen Schat - excerpt from side A of "CRO2" cassette on DumpsterScore
Zos Kia / COIL - Truth (Version)
BLUE - excerpt from side A of "Kepler 20-F Suite" cassette
Cyclobe - Genius Loki
ILTH - excerpt from "Zongz 2017" (unreleased)

cEvin Key - Incandescent Glow
Huerco S. - Angel (Phase)
Points of Friction - Rhomboid Ladies
Alessandro Cortini - Posso
Body Sculptures - A Collection of Ceramic Vases (Yves Saint Laurent Buried in the Garden of His Marrakesh Home)
Electricity - Indlela Yababi (feat. Fire Eater) {from EXTREME MUSIC FROM AFRICA compilation)
Osman Kaytazoglu - The Monopoly of Victim Status (from anthology of experimental Turkish music 1961-2014)
Yuri Morozov - Human Extinction (excerpt)
bran (...) pos - Dawn of the Yellow Sun (As Time Goes By)
(your DJ talks over Cyclobe & Nurse with Wound)

The Necks - Blue Mountain

Hogra - excerpt from split cassette with HEXTERIA ("maggot feast")
Government Alpha - Flux (from Altar of Precogs 7 inch)
Endometrium Cuntplow - "Nulled Again" (excerpt)

Twin Whips - Lost Horse (excerpt with Charles Bukowski reading "Style")
Salvador Dali - L'Apothéose Du Dollar (1967 flexi)

Tactile - Grief (featuring John Balance)

Khost - Inversion (remixed by Godflesh)

Short Order - excerpt from split 7 inch with Captain Three Leg
excerpt from "Ghouls Night Out" compilation LP

HIRAM-MAXIM interview
HIRAM-MAXIM - interview
HIRAM-MAXIM - Visceral
Murdered Man - Pacing A Crime
Human Highlight Reel - Looking For Air

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Touched By All / Formless Depths

Pigface - Empathy (featuring Michael Gira)
Michael Idehall - Horsemen
Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Words are Too Pale

Originally aired on 3/6/2017 on WZRD 88.3 FM Chicago

Listen to Part I

Ill Repute “In the Night”
Henry Badowski “Silver Trees”
Big City Orchestra “Cry Baby”
Quttinirpaaq “Golden Needles”
Kommisar Hjuler & Mama Bar “de nye Rigspolitichelen”
Klangwart “Express”
Donny Hathaway “The Ghetto” [excerpted, slowed down]
Anna Zaradny w/ Christian Fennesz “Stop the Chaos”
Kink Gong – excerpt from Gongs
Rhodri Davies & Mark Wastell “Live in Melbourne”
Dinah Washington “Big Long Slidin’ Thing”
[your dj speaks]
Irmin Schmidt “Le Weekend”
Robert Turman “Stuck in My Head” from Stuck in My Head
Jarboe “Listen”
Borful Tang “Herd and Unherd” from Herd and Unherd
Strange Fruit Abiku “W.R. Goes to Heaven”
Shit & Shine “Shit No!”
Kang Ling (an instrument made from a human thigh bone)
[your dj speaks over some cricketz]
Arrington De Dionyso “Ruang Dan Waktu”
Anne-James Chaton, Alva Noto & Andy Moor “Chapitre V: Calculs”
Slogun “VOID”
Low Jack “Sweet Cheater”
The Residents “Diskomo”
Gil Melle “Op”
Cliff Edwards “Night Owl”
[your dj speaks over a recording of a night robin]

Listen to Part II

Exuma “Monkberry Moon Delight”
Sampson’s Army “The Edge”
Psychick TV “Just Like Arcadia”
Machines at Last “Car in the Car Mirror”
Playgroup “Crunch” w/ some id theft able mixed in
Ultravox “My Sex”
Remi Gassmann “Declamation”
Glands of Eternal Secretion “True Grit”
Tibetan Monks “Auspicious Sounds of Instruments in Nine Repetitions”
Henry Kaiser “Punctual as Actual”
Sussan Deihim/Richard Horowitz “Got Away”
[your dj speaks at you, atop Stevie Wonder’s Part Time Lover!]
The Flesh Eaters “Cry Baby Killer”
Nervous Eaters “Just Head”
The Cherry Thing “Sudden Moment [Merzbow remix]”
Blood Rhythms “Course Land”
Angel Marcloid (recording as Justin Marc Lloyd) “The Number Five Tasted Wrong”
X-Ray Specs “Identity”
Slapp Happy
God Bullies

Iduh Noyse

Originally aired on 2/14/2017 on WZRD 88.3 FM Chicago

Listen to Part I

Dariush Dolat-Shahi “Zahab” from the wonderful album, Electronic Music, Tar & Sehtar
Ha’t Voi Que Hong “Saigon Dep Lam”
Charlottefield “Glass Onion”
Big City Orchestra “Left Behind”
The Horse He’s Sick “Know Not Why” from cassette called Loopy but Chic put out by the Insane Music label in 1985
Datashock “Der verschleierte des Pharaooze”
[your DJ speaks over Chrome’s “Sound and Light”]
Taxi Girl “Stephanie Says”
Jeanne Folly, J. L. Hennig, VXZ 375, Hector Zazou, and Bazooka “Et Quelque De Bonheur” from their album “La Perversita”
HTRK “Hate Rock Trio”
The Nile Project “Omwiga”
Ikue Mori “The Pit and the Pendulum”
Gil Melle “Desert Trip” from the soundtrack to The Andromeda Strain
Flat Earth Society “Feelin’ Much Better”
[your dj speaks over some GnR!!!]
Butthole Surfers “Human Cannonball”
The Pop Group “Rob a Bank”
Cocaine Piss “Ugly Face On”
Henry Kaiser “Information Mechanics” [excerpt]
Nils Quak “Hazy Mornings” [excerpt]
Slogun “Dodd” [excerpt]
Harp music?

Listen to Part II

I’d m thfft able/id m theft able, a few tracks mixed together
Martin Denny “Port Au Prince”
[your dj speaks]
Terry Riley “Cadenza on the Wind”
The Chromosomes “Hi Fi Know How”
Ergo Phizmiz & People Like Us “Chess”
Julian Cope “As the Beer Flows Over Me”
The Gordian Knot “If Only I Could Fly”
The Golden Palominos “Monday Night”
MIA vs Vampire Weekend by Sam Flanagan
Robert Turman “Water Hammer”
??? unlabeled cd from my collection
[your dj speaks]
Olivier Messiaen “Oraison”
Dhikiro Men’s chorus mixed in
Klara Lewis “Else”
Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm “W” from their album, Loon [excerpt]
Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo De Cotonou “Ne Rien Voir, Dire, Entendre”
[your dj speaks over Robert Fripp & Brian Eno’s “Wind on Wind”]
Lamusa “Tourist Trap”
Closing credits to WKRP in Cincinnati
Rev. Gary Davis “Blow, Gabriel”
Taliban! “Predetermined to the Master Plan”
The muppets??
Jhoon Rhee
Unearth Noise “Redemption”
OOIOO “return to NOW!!!”
Pascal Comelade
Leonard Cohen “Sing Another Song, Boys”

A Terrible Accident

Originally aired on 1/23/2017 on WZRD 88.3 FM, Chicago

Listen to Part 1

Heaven 17 “We Don’t Need this Fascist Groove Thing”
Brian Eno & David Byrne “Number 8 Mix” from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
Daniel Thomas “Rooftop”
Shahmirza Moradi “Sangin Se-pa”
Brume “Standard pt. 3”
Some Offenbach
Some M19
A sheperd’s tone
Meredith Monk prologue to “Our Lady of Late”
Jurgen Ruck “Kuruwarri”
Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble “Hello, I’m Shelley Duvall”
Old Cambodian Rock -Baksey Cham Krong
[your dj speaks over Charanjit Singh]
Nurse w/ Wound & Aranos “Some Magic Powers”
Lubricated Goat “The Day in Rock”
LIPPS, Inc. “Funky Town”
David Shea “Prisoner #1”
Adam Bohman “Metal Mushroom”
Davis Redford Triad “Apocalypse Greeting Card”
Zeek Sheck “Black Clouds/ White Rain”
John Maus “The Crucifix”

Listen to Part II

The Barron Balls “The Mass Abode”
Deviation Social “Broken Picture Warnings, Part 2”
Organum “the Expelled”
Ofege “It’s Not Easy”
[your dj speaks over Second Hand Sam “Gil Ultimi Cannibali”
Mick Harvey “The Man with the Cabbage Head”
Francis Bebey “Bissau”
Harald Sack Ziegler “the Mind is the Master of the Body”
Bel Canto Orchestra (Pascal Comelade, Pierre Bastien, Cathy Claret, J.A. Achille, Laurent Churet, Christophe Darmante) live in 1983
Bruce Lacey “Ancient Forces 1”
Annea Lockwood “Micro Glass Shaken”
Cheapmachines “Figur En” [excerpt]
Robert Wyatt “The Whole Point of No Return”
Ghedalia Tazartes “Tazartes’ Transports 2”
Matador! “Nowever, Ornever”
Bobby Brown “Every Little Step”
Kuchinoha Makigami Koichi “Sarusuberi”
“Gaseous God” by Dziady
The Ruts “Babylon’s Burning”

Listen to Part III

Rakta “Violencia Do Silencio”
Tanbour Taksim – Dervish Music
G. H. “Screamin Demon Pickups”
John Cale & Terry Riley “Church of Anthrax”
[your dj speaks]
Lauren Aitken “Hey Bartender”

Try a Little Tenderizer

Image result for tenderizing meat

Originally broadcast on 1/30/2017 on WZRD, 88.3 FM in Chicago

Listen to PART I

Otis Redding “Try a Little Tenderness”
Tarwater “Sato Sato”
Dave Phillips “zylovester anfang”
Broadcast & The Focus Group “The Be Colony/Dashing Home/What On Earth Took You?”
Markus Hauke & Mainz Percussion, excerpt from John Cage’s Quartet for 4 Percussionists
Rosa Barbany & Emilio Pujol – recording from the 1954 Madrid Recital
Robert Turman “Al Kitaab”
Depeche Mode “Photographic”
Sugai Ken “Outousen”
Buhurizade Mustafa Itri Efendi “The Sema Ritual”
Architects Office – track from the compilation, Out of Context
Jon Appleton “Brush Canyon” [excerpt]
[your dj speaks over “Rock Me” performed by the Electronic Concept Orchestra]
Espron “Sagbukken”
Big City Orchestra & Illusion of Safety – unknown track from the cassette they did together in 1990
Jim Fassett “Strange to Your Ears, Pt. Three”
Solo Instrumental Music recorded in Cambodia by David & Kay Parsons (3-stringed fiddle)
37 Pink “Skulls”
John Bender “Dance”
Big Stick “Drag Racing”
Really Red “Let the Night Roar”
“Baptize Me” Rev. J. M. Gates
Bengt af Klintberg (Fluxus Artist) “Calls”

Listen to PART II

Bijelo Dugme “Ka mi Je Znati Koji Joj Je Vrag”
[your dj speaks ]
The Skunks “Do the Duck”
The Residents “You Yesyesyes”
Leona Anderson: the Habanera from “Carmen” from the album, Music to Suffer By
Neurosis “Pain of Mind”
Harold Jackson “The Freedom Riders”
GX Jupitter-Larsen & Screwtape “Solidarity Forever”
The Inward Circles “The Soul Itself a Rhombus” [excerpt[]
John Cale, Tony Conrad, Angus Maclise, La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela: “Inside the Dream Syndicate Vol. 1” [excerpt]
Praxis “Suspension”
Barron Balls “Stoke!”
Eighth Blackbird performing “Meanwhile: Part 1- Procession” by Stephen Hartke
[your dj speaks]
G.H. “Devils Bit Scabious”
Alien Porno Midgets “Our Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua”
Colder “All Along the Way”
Brian Eno “M386” from Music for Films
Hematic Sunsets “hinterzimmer ohne fenster”
Pedro Laza Y Sus Pelayers “La Negra Caliente”
“Death in a Bathroom Utopia” by XV Parovek
Hailu Mergia “Hailu”
Dieter Moebius & Mani Neumeier “Jegong”
P16.D4 “Masse Mensch”