Monday, July 13, 2009

Bruce Lamont Live on WZRD, 10/16/08

Bruce Lamont joined Yakuza in feb of 2000 and since the group has recorded 4 full lengths including their latest release "Transmutations"(prosthetic).His other projects include Forced Transcendence (rotating members.. saxophonist Dave Rempis, cellist Fred Lonberg-holm, brutal truth and sometimes painkiller vocalist Kevin Sharp, buried at sea/minsk mastermind Sanford Parker, and Jim yakuza), Moment Of Inertia ( guitarist Jeff Parker, bass player Nate Mcbride, and drummer Frank Rosaly), Mahj (featuring members from behold the arctopus, dysrhythmia, and day without dawn/ex-postman syndrome), Decayist (w/Nachtmystium frontman Blake Judd), Sick Gazelle (with guitarist Eric Block), Bloodiest (feat.mbrs of 90 Day Men and Sterling), and Ibex (RIP Included members of Corpse Vomit).

Bruce has recorded wth the japanese black-metal turned space-prog band Sigh (The End),East West Blast Test (on Ipecac), Ken Vandermark for one of the next Dalek records, Jai-alai Savant ( out now on GSL),Cephalic Carnage (relapse), Minsk(relapse), Nachtmystium (century media), Rabid Rabbit,Poison Arrows (file 13), Sectara,STAYTE (13th planet), Brutal Truth,Hex Machine, and others. In july of 2006 he made is debut solo perfomance using a looper pedal and effects along with saxophones, guitar, voice, harp, and percussion.

He has performed along side Scott Kelly (neurosis), Battles, John Cale (Velvet Underground) Toby Driver(kayo dot),OM, Daniel Higgs (lungfish), Lichens, and appeared at the Relapse and Furniture record showcases @ the SXSW music festival.He has also sits in with Stooges sax man Steve Mackay and his band the Radon Ensemble. Hes jammed with the Akron Family, Midnight Snake,Michael Zerang,Eugene Robinson(oxbow),Borbetomagus (recording out there somewhere), and teamed up with Mark Solotroff (bloodyminded, recording due in the spring of 09) .In june 2007 he recorded his first offical solo debut entitled "Feral Songs" due out on Neurot in 2009.

Bruce Lamont Live on WZRD 10/16/08