Monday, July 22, 2019

Ernest Stares into the Abyss: WZRD Playlist: July 22nd, 2019

King Missile "Pickaxe"
TFUL282 "Socket"
Joy Division "Heart and Soul"
Thanet "Out of Orbit"
...with: Yamantaka Eye & John Zorn "Thank You For Not Thinking"
George Kranz "The Drums Love You"
...mixed with: Lee Renaldo's "329 Overtones for John Cage"
Acid Angels "Speed Speed Ecstasy"
...mixed with: Sharkiface "Underneath"
Botched Facelift "Command Hallucination"
Brian Eno "I'll Come Running"
Lawrence English "Ceramic Oven and Wind Storm Walchau Hutte Austria"

[your dj speaks over some Lustmord]

Chra "Odessatocha"
Umbra "Dzospel U Ogledalu"
Martin Hannett "Second Aspect of the Same Thing"
Lesiman & Raskovich "Incontro ritmico"
...mixed with: Varese's "Density 21.5" for solo flute performed by Lawrence Beauregard
Masma Dream World "The Song of the Demon Dragon Daughter)
Akira Rabelais - 1382 Wyclif Gen.II.7..."
...with Chris Watson's "Oujela Mine"
Keiji Haino "My Only Friend" [excerpt]
...with PBK "Misspent Genetic"
Paul Bowles "Baptism of Solitude"
(with PBK's "Pinnacle of the Sand Priest")(excerpt)
Jarboe "Ode to V"
Guy Birkin & Sun Hammer "Complexification03SH" (on repeat)
...mixed with Arnold Dreyblatt "Epilogue"

[the wzrdj speaks over Ungh!]

Ungh!  "Bouncer"
Oso El Roto "Amor maldigo"
The Bee Gees "To Be or Not to Be"
Chrissy Zebby Tembo "I'm Not Made of Iron"
Gaffa "Attitude Dancing (Land of 1000 Dunces)"
Julian Cope "Gogmagog"
Small Faces "Talk to You"
"1969" covered by the artists of NEET
Joao Renato Orecchia Zuniga "Epiphanies"
The Coughs "Life of Acne"
Die Todliche Doris "Windstille"

[yes, I'm talking over it]

Die Todliche Doris "Grunland in der Grenzschlade"
Edward Ka-Spel "Mirror Soul"
Baron Mordant "Back In The US(S)B"
...with some zoviet france mixed in... "look into me"
Michalis Moschoutis "Here's how I sing"
Biting Tongues "You Can Choke Like That"
Jeff Carey "Expr"
Front Line Assembly "Mindphaser"
Dogma Probe "Thirteen"
Lana Del Rabies "Denial"

[your dj speaks over Charles-Eric Charrier's "8 minutes"]

Monday, July 8, 2019

One-Track Mind: WZRD Playlist, 7/8/2019

Sparks "Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me)"
ASYD Barrett "We Wish You Were Here M1"
...mixed with MoE / Marhaug "Part Four" from CAPSAICIN [excerpt]
Virgin Prunes "Sweet Home Under the Clouds"
Thanet "Jupiter"
Red Cellar "Ectoplasmic Grave Rave"
P. McCartney "Plastic Beetle" from Liverpool Sound Collage [excerpt]
...with Michalis Moschoutis "There is only us" [excerpt]
...mixed with: Daniel Menche "Sleepers"
Broadcast "A Man For Atlantis"
The Ritualistic School of Errors "The Birthing of Mr. Terratoma"
The Artists of NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training)  "Sunglasses After Dark"
Huerco S "Prinzif"
...with: Lawrence English & Werner Dafeldecker "Fathom Flutter"
...mixed with: Lord Invader "Happy Land of Canaan"
Purple Sun "Dooms Day"
sit n spin, baby

[your DJ speaks!]

Gang Starr "Words I Manifest"
Bargou 08 "Wazzaa"
Atari Teenage Riot "Not Your Business!"
Do Pas O "History of Comedy"
Maurizio Bianchi - untitled track from the Syncord International Friendship comp, 1983
AMK "amk marriage"
Cevdet Erek "Heal"

[your dj speaks a little]

Giancarlo Toniutti - another untitled track from International Friendship
Big Neck Police "Old Table Merchandise"
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum "Sleep Is Wrong"
Terra de la sera - yet another untitled track from the International Friendship comp
Gila "Aggression"
Craig Leon, Terre Roche & Cassel Webb "Three Small Coins" [excerpt]
...mixed with: Mario Bertoncini "An American Dream"  [excerpt]
Ikue Mori & Zeena Parkins "39 Steps"
JML "I'm Sorry For the Thoughts Assigned To My Name" [excerpt]
Rubber O Cement "Adult Contemporary Kinderblut Phosphagens"

[dj noise]

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers "One Track Mind"
Ngozi Family "Hi Babe"
Shit & Shine "Stop Saying Awesome"
Samm Bennett "Shreds"
Andy Partridge "Twelve" from Powers
Cecilia Lopez & Wenchi Lazo "llegando"
Tiny Pinpricks of Fame "The Radiographer"
...mixed with Stuart Chalmers "Nature of a Dream"
Akatombo "Vincere vel Mori"

[the wizardj talks agin]

Andre Williams "Pass The Biscuits Please"
General Strike "Parts of My Body"
Sparks "Scandinavian Design"

Monday, July 1, 2019

Tomb of Abraham: WZRD Playlist July 1, 2019

id m theft able "jellied errors" [excerpt]
...mixed with: Postcommodity "Mesa de Las Viejas"
Teddy Roosevelt
Loachfillet "The Dirge"
Davis Redford Triad "Ewige Blumenkraft"
Beate Bartel "MBT"
Names "Go Easy"
Seth Cooke "L 361204 175438"
...mixed with: Phurpa "Three Mantras of Bon"
then the Phurpa is mixed with cheering
Hainbach "Glueck"
...with: David Molina "The Wall and Speaking in Tongues"

[your DJ speaks!  Over Klaus Weiss's "Jumping Balls"]

The Feelies "Loveless Love"

Zos-Kia "Rape"
Godflesh "Deaf, dumb & blind"
KK Null & Jon Rose "Mathematical Cowgirls"
Quartz Locked "HD Hachoir"
Phyllomedusa "Accoutrements For Just Such Philoria Vigor"
Stereolab "Pause"
Pedestrian Deposit "Auger"
Slap "Elegy"

[the DJ speeks]

Silica Gel "Beauty Bugaboo"

Deee-Lite "Groove is in the Heart"
The Eagles Lupopo "Common Man"
Daisy World - Untitled
Arvo Zylo "Upheaval 89"
Halim El-Dabh & Otto Luening "Electronic Fanfare"

[your DJ speaks, again]

The Conet Project's recording of the Swedish Rhapsody Iridial

Disposable Culture Preservation Society  - untitled track from History of Popular Music
David Bowie "V-2 Schneider"
Orphan Swords "Hooker"
Thomas Dimuzio "Abject Light" [excerpt]
*absolutely real*
Kraftwerk "Elektrisches Roulette"
The Kinks "20th Century Man"

[your DJ talks, this time with some gin n juice]

Umbra "Cetvrtak"

Space Art "Love Machine"
Ciarra Black "Don't Say It, Volume 1"
...mixed with Silvia Kastel "Concrete Void"
Lightning Hopkins "Please Settle in Vietnam"

[end of recording]