Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Happy New Year, Suckers

Originally aired on New Year's Day, 2018


Strix Aluco (Tawny Owl)
Chra “Snowbird”
911, Syndrom, track 3
[excerpt from the Living Language Course: German]
Dariush Dolat-Shahi “Hur”
Enzo Minarelli “To Be Is, Not to Be Is Not”
Raze De Soare “Smenar”
Stuart Chalmers “Wind Voices”
The Body “Shrouded”
Cold Sun “South Texas”
Can’s Vitamin C remixed by U.N.K.L.E.
Pseudocode “Indian copyright- the dance” mixed with…
Xdugef “Double D’s”
David Bowie “Please Mr. Gravedigger”

(your dj speaks over Claude Bolling Band’s version of La Marseillaise)

Boots for Dancing “O’ Bop Sh Bam”
Hector “Wired Up”
Wolf Eyes “Rattlesnake Shake”
The Plastic People of the Universe “Drum Solo”
American Saxophone Quartet performing “T. Rex” by Bernie Hoffer

(your dj speaks)

Tod Dockstader “Snap Sail”
The Undertakers “Run for Your Life”
John DuVal “Distress Call”
Jocelyn Robert “Canned Gods”
Anne Guthrie & Richard Kamerman “Porcellino” …mixed with…
David Toop “Sea Slug”
Xenia Rubinos “Mexican Chef”
Robert Wyatt, excerpt from his soundtrack to the film, “The Animals”
Masaoka, Chen, Grusel, and Nagai “Traces of Dust” …mixed with…
Leyden Jars “Embers”

(your dj speaks over some Satie)

Jr. & His Soulettes “Thing, Do the Creep”
Gong “Witches Song – I Am Your Pussy”
Xao Seffcheque “Pogo a Gogo”
Arkin Abdulla “Meshrep at Our House”
Carl Carlton “Look at Mary Wonder”
Okay Temiz & Johnny Dyani “Marimba (Mother of Music)”
Wild Willy Barrett & John Otway “DK 50/80”
Julien Sauser & Lucas Tamarit “Fasle”
Ekoplekz “Visions of Purdown”
Mel Brooks “If You Love Me Baby” (from High Anxiety)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Well-Being Check

[originally aired on Monday, 4/9 2018]


Theme from Danger Mouse
Los Lichis “The Vultures- version ultralichixxx”
Andy Stott “Submission”
Angus Maclise “Drum Solo” –recorded in 1968
Robin Hayward “Rubble Master” [for tuba] [excerpt]
…mixed with… Jonty Harrison “Klang” [excerpt]
Thomas Buckner/Tom Hamilton “Segment D” from Jump the Circle, Jump the Line
Heroin in Tahiti “III” from the album, Remoria
Gintas K “Song”
Marlo Eggplant “Impaction”
Sir Lord Baltimore “Hell Hound”
Amebix “Arise!”
Dogs “Here Comes My Baby”

[your DJ speaks over Head Over Heels]

John Wiggins “Masterpiecing”
Red Snapper “Wonky Bikes”
The Hafler Trio?
…mixed with NAGA “Earth Dream”
…then Test Dept “Apocalypse” [performed live]
With some rain and Luc Ferrari’s “Saliceburry Cocktail pt. 1” mixed in
Eric Chasalow “The Fury of Rainstorms”
Borful Tang “The Conversation”
Subway scene from Brother from Another Planet
C-Schulz & Hajsch “Untitled” track 2 from their 2000 self-titled album
Eric Chasalow “And It Flew Upside-Down”
The Mills Brothers “Paper Doll”
Tuxedomoon “Fifth Column”
Loop Orchestra “Bride”

[your dj speaks]

Jackie Shane doing “High Heel Sneakers”
Grupo Naidy “El Botellon”
Volcano the Bear “Planetary Bethlehem”
…with Boar’s “Negative Noize” mixed in
D.R. Hooker “Falling Sleep”
Secret Chiefs 3 “Jabalqa”
Maja Osojnik “Condition III”
Ensemble Economique “No Highway”

[your DJ speaks over Ferrante & Tiecher’s rendition of Diamonds Are Forever”

Pascal Comelade & Victor Nubla “Bar Electric”
Pressurehed “Shockneck”
Menace “Screwed Up”
Flux of Pink Indians “Tube Disaster”
Donny Hathaway “I Believe To My Soul”
King Midas Sound “Outta Space”
…mixed with…Aube “In The Beginning”
…mixed with… Henk Badings “Ragtime”
Aube’s “In The Beginning” still…
…mixed with… Jean-Claude Vannier “The Child, The Fly, and the Matches”
Aube, still!
Aube is over.
Nurse With Wound “Mandrake Memorial” performed live at Bar Maldoror in the mid ‘80’s

Early Risers

[originally aired 4/16/2018]


Reserva Espiritual de Occidente “Modelica Madrilena”
Scumearth “Microscopic Compound”
Lucrecia Dalt “Vitti”
“Akili Mali” by Ralf Nowy
Angelo Finaldi “Flight 2”
Coagul “L’imperatrice”
Chrome “Black Diamond”
The Focus Group “New Town Exit”
Ensemble Economique “Shacks Built from Plyboard”
HEXA “Sledge”
John Chantier “Clearing”
C. Diab “Novus Memoria”
…with Joe Colley’s “Lung Crack and Tuning Sickness” mixed in…
Dog “Victory Gardens”
Theme from Family Feud
Sonic Youth “Total Trash”

[your DJ speaks over some Ravi Shankar]

Datashock “Langusten Clown”
Edward Sol “Birds of the Sunrise Prism”
Vox Populii “Sunshine Boy”
Macromassa “GUAPA”
Rakotozafy “Tanan-Janako”
PBK, an early riser, doing “Vachez 1919”

[your dj speaks over Blur’s “Sing”]

Cyrnai (Carolyn Fok) “Supressionist”
Tom Hamilton “London Fix 2”
…mixed with…Rajmil Fischman “Sin Los Cuatro”
…mixed with…Zoviet France “Voice Print Identification”
…mixed with Robin Hayward “Underground Music”
Robert Curgenven “Imperial Horizon” [excerpt]
How do you solve a problem like Maria?
Colour Buk “I’m Not Your Dirty Girl No More”
Los Lichis “Puro Dumbrutal”

[your DJ speaks over Ponzona's “Disambiguation”]

Inspector Gadget, yeah that’s right.
Penya “Cham Bomb”
Irene Buckley “Rotation of the Earth”
Chopstick “Behind the Heart”
Muhamed Mesanovic “Bogata Sam Imam Svega”
Felt “Primitive Painters”
Phonosonics “Dub Puts a Spell on You”
International Novelty Quartet “Down South”

[your DJ speaks over some more marimbas]

Video Adventures “Tiny Tina”
Xao Seffcheque “Why We Hate the Residents” {not Eleanor Rigby}
Delia Derbyshire & Anthony Newley “Moogies Bloogies”
Anne-James Chaton, Alva Noto & Andy Moor
~End of recording~

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dead Prairie Strut

[Just discovered!  recording from way back: 8/14/2017]


Janek Schafer “White Lights of Divine Darkness”
Abul Mogard “Bound Universe” [excerpt]
Burial Hex “Final Litany” “Agnotocastor Rumpus Joined By Overexcited Menodus”
Frank Rosaly remixed by Kevin Gan Yuen from the album Neolithic Extraction
Hirsche Nicht Aus Sofa “Im Kote Tiefster Gemeinheit”
David Tudor “Phonemes” [excerpt]
Broadcast “Phantom”
Herman’s Rocket “The Last Tournament”
John Oswald “Zoom”
Noisear “The Blackened Sea”
Sid Vicious singing “Born to Lose”
SETI-X “Fifth Dysphony”
George Hannah & Meade Lux Lewis “The Boy in the Boat”

[your DJ speaks over “Planet Claire” by the B-52s]

Nick Lowe “So It Goes”
Magazine “Shot By Both Sides”
Todd “Butler’s Portion”
The Flesh Eaters “Ten Inch Razor”
Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem “Je suis venu te voir” and “vous et nous”
The Residents - ???  unmarked disc
Faust “Sur le ventre”
Zeitratzer “Megaherz” (Kraftwerk cover)
Hossein Omoumi “Dastgah-e Homayum”
Willie Ruff (solo French Horn) “Gloria”

[your dj speaks over Peer Raben “Franz Biberkopf’s Theme” from Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Berlin Alexanderplatz]

Michel Chion “Pater noster- Agnus dei”
Lars-Gunnar Odin “Something”
JPC Percussion Museum & Midori Takada “Blue Fox”
Angel Marcloid (recording as Justin Marc Lloyd) “Revolt Market” [excerpt][mixed in w/ the percussion]
Kerstin Stahl & Goran Rydberg “Vittringar”

[your DJ speaks over Ostinato Bass by Rene Costy]

Chrome “Eyes on Mars”
Dit + Uta “Science Fiction Park BRD”
The Cubby Creatures “Life is Insane”
Hokum Boys “I Had to Give Up Gym”
Adriano Celentano “Teddy Girl”
Oxbow “Babydoll”
Ben Richter “Further Reaches” [excerpt]
Sir Charles Thompson “Mister Boogie”
Bruno Nicolai “Drug Party”
Orchestre Septentrional “Abitan”
O Yuki Conjugate “Snake Charm”
Emptyset “Tangent”
Brian Case “Shipbuilding”
The Stranger “We Scarcely See Sunlight”

[your DJ speaks!]

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies “Ding-Dong Daddy of the D-Car Line”
John Cale “Fairweather Friend”

Monday, March 26, 2018

Plunger Practice Orchestra

[Originally Aired on 3/5/2018]


Allies “Computer”
Meinschaft “Who Did It?”
Jaap Blonk “der minister 1”
Da! “White Castles”
Princess Tinymeat “Devilcock!”
Jon Wayne Texas Funeral “Truckin’”
Quando Quango “Atom Rock”
Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel “Hot Horse”
Felix Kubin & Das Mineralorchester “Krew”
Alan Courtis “Cuero del Alba”
Boris Karloff in The Babysitter (1948)
Speculum fight “Lowest Music & Arts”
ROM “Alites”
…mixed with… “Respirating in a Lake Alongside Inflatable Elasipods”
 …mixed with Yoruba drums from Benin
Future Blondes “East/West”
Kronos Quartet “Nacho Verduzco”

[your dj speaks over some moog version of Free Fallin’]

Jean-Claude Vannier “Je M’Appelle Geraldine”
Aisha Kandisha’s Jarring Effects “Nbrik Dub”
Kink Gong “Haoshendd”
Yma Sumac “Jivaro”
Tarek Atoui “Un-Drum #3: The Semantic Scanning Electron Microscope”
“Tony’s Theme” from Scarface by Giorgio Moroder
Skozey Fetisch “dargezzle your fazzlers”
Esmark “Objekt P62410”
Virgil Fox doing Bach’s Fugue in C Minor
And some other guys too
Evil Acidhead “Doom Furnace”
Big City Orchestra “Weltanschauung”

[your dj speaks over “Laura”]

The Residents w/ Renaldo & the Loaf “Opening”
King Missile “Hey Jesus”
The Now “Into the 80’s”
The Jesus Lizard “Chrome”
Skeeter Davis doing Buddy Holly’s “I’m Lookin for Someone to Love”
Legionaire’s Disease Band “Rather See You Dead”
Ash Code “Nite Rite”

 [your dj speaks over Lama Gyurme & Jean-Philippe Rykiel]

The Inward Circles “And in Their Groves of the Sun This Was a Fit Number”
Yiorgis Sakellariou “Stikhiya, part 2” [excerpt]
Jenna Woods & Amina Salah “Sky” [excerpt]
Ros Bandt “Genesis”
Enzo Minarelli “First Polypoem for a Great Man: Genghis Khan”
Jon Gillock playing Olivier Messiaen’s “Les eaux de la grace” on the grand organ of the church of la sainte-trinite, Paris
Electric Sewer Age “Rising Corpuscle”
Shit & Shine's version of “Practicing To Be a Doctor”

Friday, March 2, 2018

Aerial Ears

Originally aired on February 26, 2018


Laurent Fairon “Heptaphonon part II” [excerpt]
Pissed Jeans “Wachovia”
Crash Worship “Bajo la piel”
…with Lawrence English “Oamura” mixed in
Tomas Brinkmann “Tlv” and “Cgn”
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Godz “Gotta Keep a Runnin’”
James White & The Blacks “Contort Yourself” remixed by August Darnell
Chrome “Electric Chair”

[your DJ speaks over Locust’s “Prospero”]

Ehsan Saboohi “Dhikr II”
Part 7 of Richard Barrett’s Life-form for Cello & Electronics, “Anthesis” performed by Arne Deforce &  Yutaka Oya
Pulselovers “Lonely Puck”
Ian Wilson “Una santa oscura: Devotional 3”
Fergus Kelly “Manac”
Shriekback “My Spine is the Bassline”
Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen “Sinuhe”
MrDougDoug “Pew Moth Tantra 382”
Felix Kubin & Das Mineralorchester “Kuchenmusic”
F/i “Undisclosed Secret Location”
Jackie Shane “Cruel Cruel World”

[your dj speaks over Jefferson Airplane’s “Spare Chaynge”]

Boron “Jaamatihaaken”
Lawrence English “The Liquid Casket”
Neel “The Gravity of Limtoc”
Giancarlo Toniutti “Rasuranido”
Damno Te “Duat”
Robert Curgenven “Rosetta”
Joan La Barbara “Cathing”
…mixed with… Kaiser Nietzsche “Nine Student Nurses”

[your dj speaks over Christina Kubisch & Eckehard Guther “Abandoned Hotel at Night” & some Bach on Trombone]

John Trubee & the Ugly Janitors of America “Memories of Dreams of Yesterday”
Moluk Zarrabi “Daramad, Zabol”
Yahowa 13 “E Ah O Shin”
Telecult Powers “Spirit Telephone”
The Heliocentrics “Wrecking Ball”

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sagavehtt Pines

Originally broadcast on February 19th, 2018


Seamus Heaney “The Yellow Bittern”
Leticia Castaneda, Peter Lograsso, Mitchell Brown “goodbye to the New”
Ben Greenberg “In C”
Brian Hodgson, Delia Derbyshire & Don Harper “Liquid Energy”
Anak Bukit “Religion-Seller”
Gaspar Claus “Nuit du depart”
Edward Ka-Spel “Burden”
Boron “Tomato Upload”
MLEHST “My Gap’s Undone pt. 1”
Daniela Casa “Dimensione Concreta”
Julian Cope “Sunspots”
 Malcriado “Breathe and Believe” [excerpt]
Snakefinger’s Vestal Virgins “There’s No Justice in Life”

[your dj speaks through the fog]

Demdike Stare “Floor Stairwell”
Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come “Space Plucks”
Pauline Oliveros “Bye Bye Butterfly” [mixed in at the end of the Arthur Brown tune]
Christian Marclay & Gunter Muller “Sunny-side Up” mixed with…
Bernd Klug “Abandoned Satellite Sidhes No. 1” mixed with…
Milton Cross “glacier”

Ella Fitzgerald doing “Cow Cow Boogie”

later, folks!