Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Found recording from 7/31/17: CDOD

Erotic Aerobics!
Crank Sturgeon “Shoe Me In for A Caber, Lamb”
Gamelan Semara Ratih of Bali “In Dang”
Kramer “Do Wah Diddy”
Masami Akita & Zbigniew Karkowski – recorded live in 2000 [excerpt]
Anti-meth PSA
Stretchheads “Afghanistan Bananastan”
Z.S.K.A. “La Surete Nr. 3”
Jean Schwarz & Carolyn Carson “Il Etat Une Fois”
The Lay Llamas “African Spacecraft”
Whistle “Just Buggin’”

[your dj speaks over Home & Garden “How I Spent My Vacation”]

Judith Shatin “For the Birds II: Sapsuckers”
Hailu Mergia “Hari Meru Meru”
AGF “For Kaneko Fumiko”
Data 70 “Heartfelt Science”
King Ayisoba “Ndeema”
Riki & The Rikatones “Whiplash”
No UFO’s “Seeing a Face Instead of the Mask”

[your dj speaks over “Coda” By Janek Schafer]

Carl Stone “Liquid Body”
… later mixed in with: Keiji Haino/ KK Null – track 2 from Mamono
Legendary Pink Dots “Soft Toy”
Christian Marclay remixing Art Bears
Let’s cool off now with the stripper strut.
When & Lars Pedersen remixing Art Bears
Bruce Ditmas “Bruciore pelle”
Family Fun “Games”
Boris “Rainbow”
The Dramatics “At the Go Go” - ?
Kassoun Bagayoko “Kabako” [excerpt]
Cupol (Graham Lewis/Bruce Gilbert) “Like This for Ages”
Gang Gang Dance “Slaven Bladechild” [excerpt]
Morgan Powell “Music for Brass & Percussion”
The Advisory Circle “Triadex Two Five Nine”
Alesia Cosmos “Still So Far”
Dieter Moebius & Mani Neumeier “Hachi”
Prince Buster & The Blue Beats “Independence Song”

[your DJ speaks over some Daphne Oram]

Wganda Kenya “Fiebre de Lepra”
Circle “Here Come the Warm Jets”
Jim Baker “tocsin du jour”
Brent Gutzeit “400 Blows” [excerpt]
KOJAK excerpt
Andy Stott “Luxury Problems”

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