Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Various means of transport

Test Dept. - Forward
Princess Tinymeat - Jay Gone Bimbo, Angels In Pain
Yello - Bimbo
Tones on Tail - Performance
NO MORE - Ice Cold Waves
LE LU - Muscles
Steve Thomsen - No Return
Andrew Liles - President Zagan

Neil Jendon - The Morbid Age (excerpt with WZRD DJ reading "PARADISE ON EARTH" flyers by eccentric lady in Nebraska)  Thanks to Scott Scholz

Marlene Dietrich - Illusions
Connie Francis - La Mala Femena
Nancy Sinatra - The City Never Sleeps At Night
Skeeter Davis - Raining In My Heart
Joe Meek & His Blue Men - Valley of No Return
The Lennon Sisters - Tumbling Tumbleweed
Lee Hazlewood - We All Make The Little Flowers Grow
Mercy - Love Can Make You Happy
Lesley Gore - Judy's Turn To Cry

Lord Dent and his Invaders - Wolf Call (from Ghouls Night Out Vol. 2)
Carl Bonafede - Werewolf
Ron Pate's Debonairs - excerpt from "Pataphysical Revue"

F2RC - Rotting Corpse of Satans Bunghole

*missing from audio archive*
Justin Marc Lloyd - excerpt from "Shenpa" cassette  *with*
Joel Chadabe/Irene Oliver, soprano - Settings for Spirituals *LP excerpt*
Nina Simone - Go To Hell
Vertonen - Cascadia (Driving Into The Sun) *played at 33RPM, from split 7" with Jason Talbot*
Ataraxic Ataxia - ...Surely Must Be Hell

Akira Ifukube - King Kong VS. Godzilla (Original Soundtrack Theme)
Dali's Car - Create and Melt
Snakefinger - The Man In The Dark Sedan
Eugene Chadbourne - Flight of The Bumblebee *request*
Sick Hyenas - Surf n' Blood
Jon McCallum - excerpt from Surf Nazis Must Die soundtrack cassette Side A
Tod Dockstader - Seance
COIL - I Don't Want to Be The One
Dave Jones - Kirk (talk over)

COH & Coil - East.Er.Okay.Hell
Haus Arafna - What You Said
EaViL - Archer Station (failed CDR attempt)
Pharmakon - Body Betrays Itself
Puce Mary - Fear (from Fear and Pleasure cassette)
Arachnad - Untitled track 1 from 3 way split CDR with GOATUS and ENOXAEON)
The Confessor by Bryan Lewis Saunders & Dylan Nyoukis
*with *
ONO - X-Ray

BLOOD RHYTHMS - "Assembly" LP excerpt Side B

Monday, October 27, 2014

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Zip Listen (with sporadic gaps)


BLOODLUST – Conversations with Real Vampires
Zacherle – Hury Bury Baby
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – These Remains
COIL – Blood from The Air / Who By Fire
Trent Reznor – excerpt from “Quake” video game music
Illusion of Safety – Shadowplay
Jon McCallum – excerpt from Side B of  “Surf Nazis Must Die” OST
Comfort Link – excerpt from “Gentle Sounds” cassette
Namanax – Monstrous

Tools You Can Trust – Blaze of Shame
Merzbow – GMAN (excerpt)
Urethra Franklin and the Ghetto Children – excerpt from “Better Than Your Mom In Bed!!!” cassette
Gallhammer – Killed By The Queen
Paul Barker, Nivek Ogre – respite

Heldon (Richard Pinhas) – excerpt from Side A of “EGG” LP
Mahler Haze – Excerpt from “LUPUS DEI” cassette
Captain Mission = excerpt from “Analog Space” cassette
Tuxedo Moon – Crash
The Space Lady – Major Tom
Monitor – We Get Messages
Nico – Camera Obscura
Lio – J’Obtiens dujour ce que je veaux
Iggy Pop - Eat or Be Eaten
 Bowed Metal Music excerpt from cassette (talk over)

Gershon Kingsley - Ghostly Sounds (excerpt from LP)
Black Sabbath - Who Are You?


Archietects Office—Reagent
Gurdjieff improvisation from May, 1949
Silica Gel—Beauty Bugabo
Genickschuss—Gnade (from comp:  “Abschied Aus Berne”)
Tuareg Medicinal Chamt (recorded in Mali)
Asterisk—Janik Top II remixed (“decomposed”) by Merzbow
Eliane Radigue—Jetsun Mila (excerpt)
John Pfeiffer—Forests (from “9 Images”)

156--Taking a Look at a Moment Lost (side A)(Exerpt)
Ron Pate's Debonairs--From the one that Cut You


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Deep Blood, Cat Creak

I was a guest for 5 hours.  I burned 4 CDs of audio, but I don't think I finalized them correctly.  I hope to eventually do that.  In the mean time, I really have to marvel at some of the cassettes especially that I was able to unearth at the station, even in a serious transitional/construction period where most of their catalog was boxed up.  About 25% of the stuff I played was what I had ready/brought from home. 

Here is a recording with gaps where cassettes were played, and when CDrs were being switched.  

Black Merda - Sometimes I Wish
Death - you're a Prisoner
Selda - Mehmet Emme
Lovely Little Girls - Wide Mouth Penetrated Makeshift Mustache Man
Residents - Hello Skinny / Six More Miles (to The Graveyard) excerp  Kaw - Liga
Sun Ra - Door Squeak (talk over)

Blu Aus Nord - Odinist
Drunks with Guns -Wonderful Subdivision
Couch - Black Bubble
Lydia Lunch - Love Split with Blood
Illusion of Safety - Popular Delusions (IOS playing last show on 10/10 at Live Wire with Nookleptia)
Fripp & Eno - Swastika Girls (reversed) (talk over)

Falco - Nothin' Sweeter Than Arabia
Mexican Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast - Que Le Ha Pasado El Sabado?
Psychic TV - Part One: Kondole "Deadcat" (excerpt)
Vashti Bunyan - Some things just stick in your mind
David Bowie - A New Career In A New Town
Mabuhay Singers - Ang Pipit
Black Roller Crop Rotation - Wizard of Suicide
Karl Paloucek - Jutland
Japanese CD unknown on Columbia music
The Fugs - Dirty Old Man
Mammal - Skin Tricks

The Fall - Living Too Late
Connie Stevens - Cold, Cold Heart
Bonnie Guitar - Dark Moon
Robin Hitchcock - Full Moon In My Soul
Lucia Pamela - Walking on The Moon
Tiny Tim - With My Guitar
Dick Haymes - Ave Maria
Public Image Limited - Acid Drops
Public Image Limited - Four Enclosed Walls
Flux of Pink Indians - Nothing Is Not Done
Led Zeppelin - Bonzo's Montreux
Mika Vainio - In Silence A Scream Takes A Heart (talk over, reading bad poetry)

J. Peter Schwalm/Brian Eno - Tristan & Isolde: Blue Brown & Green (remix)
Darkthrone - Sno Og Granskog / Quintessence
Zendik Farm Band - Anthem/Acid/Children of the Night (excerpt)
WILT - A Small Release (talk over)

Cheer-Accident - Sun Dies
Ash Pool - Crucifixion Fantasy
The Plasmatics - Brain Dead (from the Maggots soundtrack)
The Dickies - Booby Trap
Neige Et Noirceur - excerpt from "Philosohie des Arts Occultes" cassette on Land of Decay

Daniel Menche - Track 2 from "Creatures of Cadence" CD
Hafler Trio - "Bag of Cats" excerpt *
Andrew Mac Kenzie & John Duncan - "Contact" excerpt  *(from a promotional cassette for a show with Hafler Trio, Karkowski & Bilting, and Phauss...  Sunday Dec 2, 1990 at Club Lower Links)
 E. Lunde - Excerpt from Side B of "Form's Forced Surrender: Soundtrack of 'Planned Obsolescence'" cassette

Conrad Schnitzler & Sohn - Heute, da geht's uns gut (from "Electronic Sampler" on "Transmitter Cassetten" label
Brotman & Short - Buzzing Stops
Controlled Bleeding - excerpt from "Body Samples" cassette
AMK - excerpt from Side B of "selected montage performances 1989" (cassette featuring gx, blackhumour, the minister, lucifer sam, and the babo)
Blood Stereo - excerpt from "This Creaking Thirst" cassette
Clock DVA - The Unseen

Goblin - Profondo Rosso

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Umbra Autem Mortis Per Singulas Noctes Lectum Umbras Sacrificium Putredo In Umbras Se Prava

*Partial recording*  LISTEN

Erma Bombeck - My Daughter Writes Obituaries
Foetus Art Terrorism - Calamity  Crush
Borghesia - She Is Not Alone (Sonic youth)
2-Kut - Beat Boy

Mac Blackout - Rock N Roll Animals
ALU - Halt Dich Fest
Cabaret Voltaire - Talkover/Here She Comes Now (Lou Reed)
Ceramic Hello - Climactic Nouveaux
Aus Lauter Liebe - Pingelig
Chrome - Anorexic Sacrifice
Asmus Tietchens - Musik Unter Tage (excerpt)

The Gun - Race with The Devil
KAK - Everything's Changing
Iron Butterfly - Real Fright
It's a Beautiful Day - White Bird
Faust - No Harm
FreiWillige Selbstkonrolle - Im Westen nix Neues
Pseudo Code - Moon Effect
T. Rex - Venus Loon
Rudimentary Peni - Sacrifice

AUBE - In The Beginning (Excerpt)
Vertonen  - excerpt from "Flooded" cassette
 Joe Colley - Blur Vigil (from the Disasters of Self box set)
Charlie Draheim - Track 4 from MICHIGAN box set
Mutant Ape - Playing Wound

Olivia Block - excerpt from "Karren" LP Side B

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WZRD 40th Anniversary

Acid Mother's Temple, Perhaps, Silver Abuse 
May 18th 8pm
$18 / $10 with NEIU ID