Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sagavehtt Pines

Originally broadcast on February 19th, 2018


Seamus Heaney “The Yellow Bittern”
Leticia Castaneda, Peter Lograsso, Mitchell Brown “goodbye to the New”
Ben Greenberg “In C”
Brian Hodgson, Delia Derbyshire & Don Harper “Liquid Energy”
Anak Bukit “Religion-Seller”
Gaspar Claus “Nuit du depart”
Edward Ka-Spel “Burden”
Boron “Tomato Upload”
MLEHST “My Gap’s Undone pt. 1”
Daniela Casa “Dimensione Concreta”
Julian Cope “Sunspots”
 Malcriado “Breathe and Believe” [excerpt]
Snakefinger’s Vestal Virgins “There’s No Justice in Life”

[your dj speaks through the fog]

Demdike Stare “Floor Stairwell”
Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come “Space Plucks”
Pauline Oliveros “Bye Bye Butterfly” [mixed in at the end of the Arthur Brown tune]
Christian Marclay & Gunter Muller “Sunny-side Up” mixed with…
Bernd Klug “Abandoned Satellite Sidhes No. 1” mixed with…
Milton Cross “glacier”

Ella Fitzgerald doing “Cow Cow Boogie”

later, folks!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Grandiose Motherfuckers

Originally broadcast on 2/12/2018

SPK “Germanik”
Arnold Dreyblatt & The Orchestra of Excited Strings “Animal Magnetism” [excerpt]
Colin Potter “Icy Things”
Bongwater’s version of “Bedazzled”
Kronos Quartet doing “Ya Habibi Ta’ala” by Midhat Assem (ext.) “Results According To A Non-Standard System Of Measurement”
Danielle Dax “Timber Tongue” [sampling Faust]
Damno Te “Total Terra Terror”
Manuel Gomes “Jelivra Bo Situacon”
AZZURRO “Heliocentric” 
Phillip B Klingler remixing Wolf Eyes: “Contaminated Strain”
Otto Luening “Fantasy in Space” for Flute & Tape

[your dj speaks]

Michael Kamen, from the Brazil soundtrack “Ducts”
Cold Sun “Forever”
Fred Lane & His Hittite Hot Shots “Upper Lip of a Nostril Man”
Del Jones’ Positive Vibes “Cold Turkey”
Nicolas Jaar “Angles”
Mookoid “Requiem for Bali” [mixed in]
:zoviet-france: excerpts from A Flock of Rotations
Anne-James Chaton Andy Moor & Thurston Moore “Heidsecks Chords”

[your DJ speaks over some Clara Rockmore]

Order of Nine Angels “Chthonic Form”
Xdugef “Enterlube”
Brume “Decalq’ age”
The Users “Sick of You”
Vic Vacume & the Attachments “Toilet”
The Pharcyde “She Said”
Why Be, Elysia Crampton & Chino Amobi “Dummy Track”
Maja osojnik “Condition I.”
Excerpt from Muhammad Ali & His Gang vs. Tooth Decay!
Patrick Pulsinger, Pamelia Kurstin, Hilary Jeffery & Rozemarie Heggen “Patterns Not Loops”
The Collection of the Late Howell Bend “Ha Ha”
…mixed with Rotten Piece, “Imaginary French Film”
…mixed with a recordings from the McCarthy hearings
…mixed with Rotten Piece “Aftour”
Forrest Whitaker as a samurai from that Jim Jarmusch movie
Brian Eno “Dead Finks Don’t Talk”
Les Hauts De Plafond “Die Katze essen”

[your DJ finally speaks over DJ Female Convict Scorpion “From Ogre Battle On”]

DJ Female Convict Scorpion “Geminus”
[16-Bitch Pileup mixed in, “Acapulcopoka Lipstick”]

[end of recording]

Clamor Salve

Originally aired on Monday, 1/29/2018

A Certain Ratio “Do the Du”
Amen Dunes “Tomorrow Never Knows”
Goblin “Sighs”
Janet Weiss, Matt Cameron, & Zach Hill “Drumgasm” Side A [excerpt]
Merzbow “Pier 39”
… a little bit o’ Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos doing “De ore leonis”
Phill Niblock “Early Winter” [excerpt]
A recording of Lake Ice [Montrose Harbor, mid-January]
Hamad Kalkaba “Astadjam Dada Sare”
The Residents & Renaldo And the Loaf “Africa Tree”
Moon Wiring Club “Ancestors Approach”
Front Line Assembly “Final Impact”
Kraftwerk “Metal on Metal” w/ a reading:  Lester Bangs on Kraftwerk
mu0 “.appnd[carat]glow”

[your dj speaks over the rest of the lake ice]

Pascal Comelade “Bar Electric”
Hey Colossus “The Drang”
Alexander Mosolov “Iron Foundry”
Alien Sex Fiend “Mad Daddy Drives a UFO”
Electric Sewer Age “Amber Corpuscle”
Ifs “Three-Point Shot Captured in Slow Motion"
Del Close & John Brent “Cool” How to speak Hip”
Jovino Dos Santos “Bo Ta Cool”
Singers & Players “Make a Joyful Noises”
David Tudor “Neural Synthesis No. 7”
Stephen Ashman w/ Zazu Pitts Memorial Orchestra “Other People’s LPs”

[your dj speaks over Boron’s Tropic of Candy]

“Tropic of Candy” by Boron
Percussion recorded in Niger
Max Mathews “The Second Law”
John Chowning “Sabelithe” [excerpt]
David Vorhaus, excerpts from “White Noise III”
Damno Te “My Totally 100% Real Girlfriend” [excerpt]
Carol Batton “Wasps”
Kronos Quartet performing Ariel Guzik’s “Plasmaht”
Bruno Spoerri “Roll On”
Donna Summer w/ Giorgio Moroder “I Feel Love”

[your dj speaks over Pauline Anna Strom’s “Energies”]

Aqsak Maboul “I Viaggi Formano La Gioventu”
Luca Forcucci “My Extra Personal Space” [excerpt]
Vedic Chant performed by Jitendra Abhisheki (mixed with the previous track)
More Luca Forcucci
The Sons of the Pioneers “Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds”
Nicolas Jaar “Marks”
Daddy Cleanhead & The Chuck Higgins Band “Something’s Goin’ On In My Room”
Conrad Schnitzler & Dompteur Mooner “The 4.08 to Paris”
Leyden Jars “Collision”
MIEN “Black Habit”
T. Raumschmiere “2003 Monstertruck Driver”

[end of recording]