Thursday, February 15, 2018

Grandiose Motherfuckers

Originally broadcast on 2/12/2018

SPK “Germanik”
Arnold Dreyblatt & The Orchestra of Excited Strings “Animal Magnetism” [excerpt]
Colin Potter “Icy Things”
Bongwater’s version of “Bedazzled”
Kronos Quartet doing “Ya Habibi Ta’ala” by Midhat Assem (ext.) “Results According To A Non-Standard System Of Measurement”
Danielle Dax “Timber Tongue” [sampling Faust]
Damno Te “Total Terra Terror”
Manuel Gomes “Jelivra Bo Situacon”
AZZURRO “Heliocentric” 
Phillip B Klingler remixing Wolf Eyes: “Contaminated Strain”
Otto Luening “Fantasy in Space” for Flute & Tape

[your dj speaks]

Michael Kamen, from the Brazil soundtrack “Ducts”
Cold Sun “Forever”
Fred Lane & His Hittite Hot Shots “Upper Lip of a Nostril Man”
Del Jones’ Positive Vibes “Cold Turkey”
Nicolas Jaar “Angles”
Mookoid “Requiem for Bali” [mixed in]
:zoviet-france: excerpts from A Flock of Rotations
Anne-James Chaton Andy Moor & Thurston Moore “Heidsecks Chords”

[your DJ speaks over some Clara Rockmore]

Order of Nine Angels “Chthonic Form”
Xdugef “Enterlube”
Brume “Decalq’ age”
The Users “Sick of You”
Vic Vacume & the Attachments “Toilet”
The Pharcyde “She Said”
Why Be, Elysia Crampton & Chino Amobi “Dummy Track”
Maja osojnik “Condition I.”
Excerpt from Muhammad Ali & His Gang vs. Tooth Decay!
Patrick Pulsinger, Pamelia Kurstin, Hilary Jeffery & Rozemarie Heggen “Patterns Not Loops”
The Collection of the Late Howell Bend “Ha Ha”
…mixed with Rotten Piece, “Imaginary French Film”
…mixed with a recordings from the McCarthy hearings
…mixed with Rotten Piece “Aftour”
Forrest Whitaker as a samurai from that Jim Jarmusch movie
Brian Eno “Dead Finks Don’t Talk”
Les Hauts De Plafond “Die Katze essen”

[your DJ finally speaks over DJ Female Convict Scorpion “From Ogre Battle On”]

DJ Female Convict Scorpion “Geminus”
[16-Bitch Pileup mixed in, “Acapulcopoka Lipstick”]

[end of recording]

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