Tuesday, April 30, 2019



Volcano the Bear – BB
Carl Stalling – Introduction from You Ought to Be In Pictures / Stalling Self-Parody Music from Porky's Preview (excerpt)
People Like Us – Clouds
Demi Adejuyigbe – Steely Danzig: “Tell Your Children Not To Do Your Dirty Work” mash up
PIG – It Tolls For Thee (Pig's Breath)
Butthole Surfers – Chewin' George Lucas' Chocolate / Goofy's Concern
The Residents – Kaw-Liga
Ronnie Love – Chills & Fever
P.16.D4 – Strauchelnde Saulen A Go Go
Meike Demirag – Hali Canim Sende
Sylvie Vartan – Irresistiblement
Frank Sinatra, Dinah Washington, & Julie London – singing their versions of “September In The Rain” at the same time (there are some loops in there, too)
Ulrike Haage, FM Einheit, Phil Minton – Zuviele Teufel Im Land
Egisto Macchi – Violenza Meccanica
Carl Stalling – Anxiety Montage with*
Christian Death – *Woman to Mother Earth (excerpt)

Monday, April 29, 2019

Telltales: WZRD Playlist 4/29/2019

Excerpt from Le Carre's The Spy Who Came In from the Cold
...mixed with David Toop & Max Eastley "Mouthful of Silence"
Bloodyminded "Aller/Venir"
Koto melody from the 16th century
Haswell & Hecker Remix of Popol Vuh's "Aguirre"
Ashra "Ocean of Tenderness" [excerpt]
...mixed with: Wayne Mason "A Brief Experiment in Self-Loathing"
the sounds of the Hippopotamus
Bren't Lewiis Ensemble "Vintage Bayonet Is No Longer Available"
Yello "No More Words"

[your DJ speaks]

Baron Mordant "Channel Huffing" [instrumental version]
The Durutti Column "Sketch for Summer"
The Vibrators "London Girls"
Crawling Chaos "Arabesque"
New Monuments "Seismic People"
Nicolas Jaar "Etre"
...mixed with Blaerp "Plankton State"

[the DJ speaks over some J Dee]

Biz Markee "Nobody Beats the Biz"
Pretty Things "Baron Saturday"
Muddersten "Sibiriris"
Fallopian Disco Force "Elephantine Shofar Blow"
Illusion of Safety "Everythings"
Relax with Reveen
Kink Gong "3 Hani Pipa"
Monty Norman "Kingston Calypso"

[your DJ speaks over a Beethoven String Quartet]

Blackhouse "Material World"
Jean Gilbert "Elektrostuhl"
Mamo Lagbema "Love, Music, And Dance"
Robert Rental & The Normal - from the album, Live at West Runton Pavilion (1980)
Burmese "Headmaster"
Recoil "Grain"

[your humble wizard speaks yet again]

...the rest of that Recoil track, mixed with:
Damno Te "Demos and Demons"
...and: Keiji Haino & KK Null, track 1 from Mamono
Swamp Children "Taste What's Rhythm"
Kleines Schwingvergnugen "Jahre Frauenbewegung"
Adult "Hold Your Breath"
The Ex "Human Car"

Monday, April 22, 2019

Rehabilitating the Denominator: WZRD Playlist: 4/22/2019

Watership Down Intro
Tanya Tagaq "Rabbit"
Baron Mordant "Hastings Twinned with Haiti"
Brian Eno "Neroli" [excerpt]
Stuart Chalmers "Rocking in the Shires"
Clara Rockmore performing an Air by John Mattheson
Ana Dall'Ara Majek "Pixel Springtail Promenade" [excerpt]
DAF "Osten Wahrt Am Langsten"
D. Glare, track 4 from 4 Oscillators & 130 Samples at 130 BPM

 [your DJ speaks over some Terry Riley]

Phyllomedusa "Mushroomtongued"

...over which I read from a study entitled "Implicit violent imagery processing among fans and non-fans of music with violent themes" by Yanan Sun, Xuejing Lu, Mark Williams, and William Forde Thompson from last month's issue of Royal Society Open Science

Wendy Carlos "March from A Clockwork Orange"
Hayseed Dixie "Big Balls"
Bettye Swann "Words'
Benny Joy "Gossip, Gossip, Gossip"
X-Ray Specs "I Am A Cliche"
The Tobacconists "Race For Space"
Clair Obscur "Pilgrim's Progress"
...mixed with Puce Mary "A Feast Before the Drought"
Blue Sausage Infant "Fata Morgana"
John Cage "Imaginary Landscape No. 5"
Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor "Doorways Make You Forget"
Crash Worship "Starring"
Justin Marc Lloyd "Thousands Of Photons"
John Dowie "It's Hard to Be An Egg"

[your DJ speaks over some Faust]

The Fugs "Dirty Old Man"
BPeople "You At Eight"
G.G. Allin "Bored to Death"
Yes Deer "Flensburg"
Chrome "Love to Your Rock"
...mixed with Aranos "Some Clowns Are Not Funny"
Kohti Tuhoa "Raha Ratkaisee"
Elliott Sharp "Alueoli"
William Basinski "A red score in tile" [excerpt]
chie mukai & Justin Simon ?? song title is in Japanese
Lee Hazlewood "Little Miss Sunshine (Little Miss Rain)"

[the dj speekce]

Dalthom "Derm/Fulj"

Monday, April 15, 2019

Sounds Without Time: WZRD Playlist 4/15/2019

Nekropolis "Inquanok"
David Toop & Max Eastley "Three Sand Voices"
Adriano Vincenti "Morte.Morte.Morte."
F/i "Another Magic Window"
Bargou 08 "Le min ijina"
...mixed some w/ Side A of Fluxmonkey's Cryptosonology
...and then we hear Volcano the Bear's "Bowl" mixed with that.
Delia Derbyshire "Running" from The Dreams
Nurse With Wound "Stoned Age" [excerpt]
Elena Tejada-Herrera "Memoria colectiva"

[your DJ speaks over Hailu Mergia's "Eti Gual Blenai"]

Cybotron "Sweet 16/9th Floor"
Jardin "Thumalpu"
Tanya Tagaq "Growl"
Cluster "James"
Kevin Sanders "Hermann-Westphal-Strasse" [excerpt]
Elderly people singing at the Fonoteca Nacional in Mexico City
Black Dice "Cold Hands" (still mixed with the Kevin Sanders track)
Flamengo "Poprava Blond Holky"

[and the wizard speaks over Yishak Banjaw's "Segno Sra Allebign"]

Human Hands "Blue Eel"
Sugluk "Fall Away"
Inflatable Boy Clams "Skeletons"
Blixa Bargeld "The Mantovani Machine, pt. 1"
LARVA, The LARVA Tapes, Side 1 [excerpt]
... mixed a little with: Pauline Olivieros "Three Pieces I" [excerpt]
PBK "The Modern Will"
Jace Clayton "Evil Nigger: Part II" from The Julius Eastman Memory Depot
...mixed with Jason Zeh "Doomed to Repeat It"
...which in turn was mixed with Supersilent "6.6" [excerpted]
...and FIS "Speech Spirits" too
then an RRR locked groove, and finally:
Pigface "Tonight's the Night"

[your DJ speaks over Ferrante & Teicher]

Afro 70 "Cha-Umheja"
George Kahumoku, Jr. "The Queen's Prayer" [excerpt]
Domingo Cura "Golpes De America"
Inflatable Boy Clams "Snoteleks"
...and then some more of that Domingo Cura track
Bloody Blue "Demons"
Martoc "The Viligante Rules"
Rancid Hell Spawn "Hippie Fat"
Mokira "Cats In the Cradle"
Fly Pan Am "Ce sale desire efile qui sortant de ma bouche"
Daily Void "Surprise Surprise"
David Bowie "Weeping Wall"

[your DJ speaks]

Wrangler "Modern World"
chik white "huuuuu"
Ikue Mori & Zeena Parkins "Deft"
Pedestrian Deposit "What Can't Be Taken" [excerpt]
Little Fyodor "Revolution 9"

Monday, April 1, 2019

Terminal Languages: WZRD Playlist 4/1/2019

Jose Luis Martinat "Pleno"
...mixed with John Farmer's "The Humble Suit" [pitch-shifted down]
Baron Mordant "Anything With A Pulse"
Anthony Laguerre "V"
Palais Schaumburg "Gute Luft"
Plastiktanz "Mir Geht Es Danke Gut"
Diseno Corbusier "Silencio" [excerpt]
Los Bichos "Black Blood Nightmare"
The Gaslamp Killer "Haleva"
KK Null & Damian Catera "Freakout Modulation 1"
...mixed with: Drew St. Ivany "A Mixer and a Delay Unit"
Sekten "Congratulation Song"
Sham 69 "I Don't Wanna"
The Adverts "Bored Teenagers"

[your DJ speaks over some 2Pac]

Thomas Leer "Where've You Gone"
Hector Zazou w/ Brendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard, and Ryuichi Sakamoto "Black Stream"
...mixed with: Reinhold Friedl performing "Phill Niblock's Pan Fried 11"
(with a RRR locked groove in there)
...in turn mixed with "Merkaba Macabre "Iridescent"
...and Justin Marc Lloyd's "Absent Under a Howling Blanket"
Flux monkey, Cryptosonology side B, track 1
Los Siquicos Litoralenos "Podri Pot Podri"
Ludus "Inheritance"

[your DJ speaks!]

Path to Lobster Believers "g.lllj"
Drew McDowall "Unnatural Channel (Part 2)" [excerpt]
Brood Ma "Sex Compressor"
Quintron "White Man Style"
Yishak Banjaw "Libey Ma'aduley"
cicadas at the lakefront
Don Gere "Mount Shasta Home" from the Werewolves on Wheels soundtrack

[the DJ speaks, this time over Kes Chin's S-U-K-I-N]

Stranger Cole & Lester Sterling "Bangarang"
National Georgian Song & Dance Ensemble of Tblisi "Daigvianes"
Twilight Circus Meets Edward Ka-Spel "In The Heat Of The Night"
Hawkwind "Master of the Universe"
Boobs of Doom "Cake"
No UFO's "Sautenes in Amber"
Can "Connection"
"Little Miss Muffett" from the National Lampoon Radio Hour

[your DJ speaks]

The Spits "Don't Shoot"
Richard Bone "A Bit of Joy"
Kiki Hitomi "Yellow Story"
Roberto Musci "Shadow Player" [excerpt]
Amadou Binta Konte & Tidiane Thiam "Mbiffe"
...mixed with Phlekz "Brownfield Dub"
Chad Taylor "Carnation"
The Horrors "Still Life"
Pedestrian Deposit "Crow Theory"
400 Lonely Things "Pimalia"
"That noise is all he listens to"
..."Pimalia" mixed with Bren't Lewiis Ensemble "Carl Refills the Urn, Part Three"

[the DJ speaks yet again]

Beat/Ranking Roger version of "Rock the Casbah"
Ixna "Mi Ne Parolas"
Llwybr Llaethog "Cyfundrefn Gyfalafol"