Tuesday, April 30, 2019



Volcano the Bear – BB
Carl Stalling – Introduction from You Ought to Be In Pictures / Stalling Self-Parody Music from Porky's Preview (excerpt)
People Like Us – Clouds
Demi Adejuyigbe – Steely Danzig: “Tell Your Children Not To Do Your Dirty Work” mash up
PIG – It Tolls For Thee (Pig's Breath)
Butthole Surfers – Chewin' George Lucas' Chocolate / Goofy's Concern
The Residents – Kaw-Liga
Ronnie Love – Chills & Fever
P.16.D4 – Strauchelnde Saulen A Go Go
Meike Demirag – Hali Canim Sende
Sylvie Vartan – Irresistiblement
Frank Sinatra, Dinah Washington, & Julie London – singing their versions of “September In The Rain” at the same time (there are some loops in there, too)
Ulrike Haage, FM Einheit, Phil Minton – Zuviele Teufel Im Land
Egisto Macchi – Violenza Meccanica
Carl Stalling – Anxiety Montage with*
Christian Death – *Woman to Mother Earth (excerpt)

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