Monday, April 29, 2019

Telltales: WZRD Playlist 4/29/2019

Excerpt from Le Carre's The Spy Who Came In from the Cold
...mixed with David Toop & Max Eastley "Mouthful of Silence"
Bloodyminded "Aller/Venir"
Koto melody from the 16th century
Haswell & Hecker Remix of Popol Vuh's "Aguirre"
Ashra "Ocean of Tenderness" [excerpt]
...mixed with: Wayne Mason "A Brief Experiment in Self-Loathing"
the sounds of the Hippopotamus
Bren't Lewiis Ensemble "Vintage Bayonet Is No Longer Available"
Yello "No More Words"

[your DJ speaks]

Baron Mordant "Channel Huffing" [instrumental version]
The Durutti Column "Sketch for Summer"
The Vibrators "London Girls"
Crawling Chaos "Arabesque"
New Monuments "Seismic People"
Nicolas Jaar "Etre"
...mixed with Blaerp "Plankton State"

[the DJ speaks over some J Dee]

Biz Markee "Nobody Beats the Biz"
Pretty Things "Baron Saturday"
Muddersten "Sibiriris"
Fallopian Disco Force "Elephantine Shofar Blow"
Illusion of Safety "Everythings"
Relax with Reveen
Kink Gong "3 Hani Pipa"
Monty Norman "Kingston Calypso"

[your DJ speaks over a Beethoven String Quartet]

Blackhouse "Material World"
Jean Gilbert "Elektrostuhl"
Mamo Lagbema "Love, Music, And Dance"
Robert Rental & The Normal - from the album, Live at West Runton Pavilion (1980)
Burmese "Headmaster"
Recoil "Grain"

[your humble wizard speaks yet again]

...the rest of that Recoil track, mixed with:
Damno Te "Demos and Demons"
...and: Keiji Haino & KK Null, track 1 from Mamono
Swamp Children "Taste What's Rhythm"
Kleines Schwingvergnugen "Jahre Frauenbewegung"
Adult "Hold Your Breath"
The Ex "Human Car"

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