Monday, April 15, 2019

Sounds Without Time: WZRD Playlist 4/15/2019

Nekropolis "Inquanok"
David Toop & Max Eastley "Three Sand Voices"
Adriano Vincenti "Morte.Morte.Morte."
F/i "Another Magic Window"
Bargou 08 "Le min ijina"
...mixed some w/ Side A of Fluxmonkey's Cryptosonology
...and then we hear Volcano the Bear's "Bowl" mixed with that.
Delia Derbyshire "Running" from The Dreams
Nurse With Wound "Stoned Age" [excerpt]
Elena Tejada-Herrera "Memoria colectiva"

[your DJ speaks over Hailu Mergia's "Eti Gual Blenai"]

Cybotron "Sweet 16/9th Floor"
Jardin "Thumalpu"
Tanya Tagaq "Growl"
Cluster "James"
Kevin Sanders "Hermann-Westphal-Strasse" [excerpt]
Elderly people singing at the Fonoteca Nacional in Mexico City
Black Dice "Cold Hands" (still mixed with the Kevin Sanders track)
Flamengo "Poprava Blond Holky"

[and the wizard speaks over Yishak Banjaw's "Segno Sra Allebign"]

Human Hands "Blue Eel"
Sugluk "Fall Away"
Inflatable Boy Clams "Skeletons"
Blixa Bargeld "The Mantovani Machine, pt. 1"
LARVA, The LARVA Tapes, Side 1 [excerpt]
... mixed a little with: Pauline Olivieros "Three Pieces I" [excerpt]
PBK "The Modern Will"
Jace Clayton "Evil Nigger: Part II" from The Julius Eastman Memory Depot
...mixed with Jason Zeh "Doomed to Repeat It"
...which in turn was mixed with Supersilent "6.6" [excerpted]
...and FIS "Speech Spirits" too
then an RRR locked groove, and finally:
Pigface "Tonight's the Night"

[your DJ speaks over Ferrante & Teicher]

Afro 70 "Cha-Umheja"
George Kahumoku, Jr. "The Queen's Prayer" [excerpt]
Domingo Cura "Golpes De America"
Inflatable Boy Clams "Snoteleks"
...and then some more of that Domingo Cura track
Bloody Blue "Demons"
Martoc "The Viligante Rules"
Rancid Hell Spawn "Hippie Fat"
Mokira "Cats In the Cradle"
Fly Pan Am "Ce sale desire efile qui sortant de ma bouche"
Daily Void "Surprise Surprise"
David Bowie "Weeping Wall"

[your DJ speaks]

Wrangler "Modern World"
chik white "huuuuu"
Ikue Mori & Zeena Parkins "Deft"
Pedestrian Deposit "What Can't Be Taken" [excerpt]
Little Fyodor "Revolution 9"

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