Monday, April 1, 2019

Terminal Languages: WZRD Playlist 4/1/2019

Jose Luis Martinat "Pleno"
...mixed with John Farmer's "The Humble Suit" [pitch-shifted down]
Baron Mordant "Anything With A Pulse"
Anthony Laguerre "V"
Palais Schaumburg "Gute Luft"
Plastiktanz "Mir Geht Es Danke Gut"
Diseno Corbusier "Silencio" [excerpt]
Los Bichos "Black Blood Nightmare"
The Gaslamp Killer "Haleva"
KK Null & Damian Catera "Freakout Modulation 1"
...mixed with: Drew St. Ivany "A Mixer and a Delay Unit"
Sekten "Congratulation Song"
Sham 69 "I Don't Wanna"
The Adverts "Bored Teenagers"

[your DJ speaks over some 2Pac]

Thomas Leer "Where've You Gone"
Hector Zazou w/ Brendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard, and Ryuichi Sakamoto "Black Stream"
...mixed with: Reinhold Friedl performing "Phill Niblock's Pan Fried 11"
(with a RRR locked groove in there) turn mixed with "Merkaba Macabre "Iridescent"
...and Justin Marc Lloyd's "Absent Under a Howling Blanket"
Flux monkey, Cryptosonology side B, track 1
Los Siquicos Litoralenos "Podri Pot Podri"
Ludus "Inheritance"

[your DJ speaks!]

Path to Lobster Believers "g.lllj"
Drew McDowall "Unnatural Channel (Part 2)" [excerpt]
Brood Ma "Sex Compressor"
Quintron "White Man Style"
Yishak Banjaw "Libey Ma'aduley"
cicadas at the lakefront
Don Gere "Mount Shasta Home" from the Werewolves on Wheels soundtrack

[the DJ speaks, this time over Kes Chin's S-U-K-I-N]

Stranger Cole & Lester Sterling "Bangarang"
National Georgian Song & Dance Ensemble of Tblisi "Daigvianes"
Twilight Circus Meets Edward Ka-Spel "In The Heat Of The Night"
Hawkwind "Master of the Universe"
Boobs of Doom "Cake"
No UFO's "Sautenes in Amber"
Can "Connection"
"Little Miss Muffett" from the National Lampoon Radio Hour

[your DJ speaks]

The Spits "Don't Shoot"
Richard Bone "A Bit of Joy"
Kiki Hitomi "Yellow Story"
Roberto Musci "Shadow Player" [excerpt]
Amadou Binta Konte & Tidiane Thiam "Mbiffe"
...mixed with Phlekz "Brownfield Dub"
Chad Taylor "Carnation"
The Horrors "Still Life"
Pedestrian Deposit "Crow Theory"
400 Lonely Things "Pimalia"
"That noise is all he listens to"
..."Pimalia" mixed with Bren't Lewiis Ensemble "Carl Refills the Urn, Part Three"

[the DJ speaks yet again]

Beat/Ranking Roger version of "Rock the Casbah"
Ixna "Mi Ne Parolas"
Llwybr Llaethog "Cyfundrefn Gyfalafol"

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