Monday, May 6, 2019

Gentlemen's Songs: WZRD Playlist 5/6/2019

picked up the wrong stack of records on my way out, damn it!


PP Arnold "Eleanor Rigby"
Os Muiraquitans "A Misturada"
Oh No "Fast Gamble"
Executive Slacks "Sexual Witchcraft"
PBK "They Only Love Lies"
Shit & Shine "Bad Vibes"
Joao  Renato Orecchia Zuniga "Making Marks" [excerpt]
Wrangler "Peace & Love"
Saint Abdullah "Children At War"
Biting Tongues "Compressor"
Johnny Moped "No One"
Sector Zero "Hiding In My Car"
Jeff Rehnlund "Gregory"
Alessandro Bosetti & Chris Abrahams "Eye"

[your dj speaks]

Lu Katavist "Fingerzeugung/The Coagulated Sea" [excerpt]
PCRV #1 from three untitled pieces
Coil & Black Sun Productions "The Spider Has to Paralyse the Victim"
Makeulv "Bygul & Trjegul"
Aaron Dilloway "It's Not Alright"
Russell Morris "The Real Thing"

[your dj speaks!]

[...or doesn't!  ...over Billy Mure and his Orchestra]

Petticoats of Portugal!
Foetus "Sick Minutes"
Boney M "Rasputin" ...will history be kind to Franz Reuther?
Mamuthones "Anylonger"
Haunted George "My Penance"
Palais Schaumburg "Deutschland kommt gerbraunt zuruck"
Butthole Surfers "Bong Song"
T. Valentine "Little Lu-Lu Frog"
Kohti Tuhoa "Taivaantie"
Phyllomedusa "Earth, Wind, and Frognoise"
The Fly: "Help ME"
Christopher Ilth "Diamond Encrusted Vultures" [I think]

[your DJ speaks over Craig Leon's "Nommo"]

Simon Scott "Below Sea Level" [excerpt]
Anakrid "Invocatione" and "Nympholepsy In Theory Not Practice"
Pinduca "Pai Xango"
Sympathy Nervous "Anatawa Suguni"
Paola Torres "Re(a)signaciones Temporales"
Big Neck Police "Guilty Dolly"
Tashi Dorji & Tyler Damon "Both Will Escape"
 [end o recording]

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