Monday, May 13, 2019

WZRD Playlist Monday, 5/13/2019 4-7pm

elizabeth Velton "Diamond Patterns Were Cut In the Concrete"
Mystica Tribe "Lament"
Social Interiors "Lucas Heights"
Coil from Time Machine, "7-Methoxy-Sh-Carboline" [excerpt]
...mixed with Pascal Comelade "avant-midi"
Grails "I Want a New Drug"
Pablo's Eye "The Switchback"
...mixed with: The Doo Dooettes "Flying Eyes Part IV"
...and: Maria Rosenfeld: "New York/It's All About"
Mr. Sadjadifard, Mr. Djamshidi, & Mr. Sahihi "Farhang 'e A'vam"
Oren Ambarchi "Moving Violation"[excerpt]
...mixed with: Biosphere "Spring Fever"

[dj speaks]

Odea Mathews "Five Long Years for One Man"
9353 "Famous Last Words"
Crispy Ambulance "Deaf"
Hawkwind "Levitation"
Mac & Party "Harambe"
Los Svard performing Elodie Lauten's Variations on the Orange Cycle, Phase 4
...with; Damien Dubrovnik "Pride of Precision"
Shit & Shine "The Germans Call It a Swimming Head"

[end of recording]

Magical Power Mako "Trance Resonance"
...with Gaspar Claus "Jo Ha Kyu"

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