Monday, May 20, 2019

The Glamorous and The Happy: WZRD Playlist: 5/20/2019

Embia Quickbeam "Crystal Sea"
...with: Robertina Sebjanic "Aquatocene"
Gabey Tjon A Tham "The Monads" [excerpt]
...mixed with: Lea Bertucci "Signature"
...which is in turn mixed with Lawrence English's "Blizzard Battering Walls Marambio Antartica"
Blood Rhythms "I Have Sown Violets"
Monty Cantsin "Catastronics"
Slava Ranko "Right Hemisphere"
...mixed with Greg Davis "True Gateway"
Ruins "Paul MacCartney"

[the DJ speaks!]

Vertonen "Small Cuts"
Margaret Leng Tan performing Satie's "Gymnopedie No. 3" on a toy piano
Camilla Hannan "Forest" [excerpt]
Gaika "Bohdy Knows at 90"
Masma Dream World "Samounika (The Prince)"
Andreas Trobollowitsch "Zain"
P16.D4 "Kultstudien Zu Anselm Weiberg" [excerpt]
Blaine L. Reininger "Nur Al Hajj"
Coil "His Body Was a Playground for the Nazi Elite"

[your DJ speaks over some Tangerine Dream"

Palais Schaumburg "Telefon"
Tony Manero (John Travolta) - "He hits my hair."
Poison Girls "Alienation"
Sunn Cycle "Acid Raga"
Ritmo Pile' "Pile' Beat"
Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer "Reannounce"
...mixed with: Adriano Vincenti "Collant"
Mieses Gegonge "Salz"
The Gaslamp Killer "Pathetic Dreams"
...with Bruce Gilbert "Sliding Off the World"
Nash the Slash "The Calling"

[your DJ speaks]

Guy Birkin & Sun Hammer "Complexification05GB"
Pedestrian Deposit "What Can't Be Given" [excerpt]
...with: Richard Francis "Constance"
Michael White "The Tenth Pyramid"
Super Heavy Metal "One-Two"
Laughing Hyenas "Untitled" from Ledge
Pip Proud "Purple Boy Gang"
Verequete e O Conjunto Uirapuru "Da Garrafa uma pinga"
Dengue Dengue Dengue "Yuyu"
...with Metamorphosis, untitled track (B3) from Great Babel Gives Birth
...and: Aleksi Perala "UK74R1721154"

[your DJ speaks]

Black Sun Productions "Percettive Riflessioni" [excerpt]
Mars "3E"
Small Faces "Tin Soldier"
Little Fyodor "Happy People"
Okishima Island Tourist Association "Radiant City"
Los Siquicos Litoralenos "Por Que Te Vas?"
From Nursery To Misery "The Fatal Bite"
Ruth Veln Kiss "Yr Madness"
Monopoly Child Star Searchers "Frawn Perched White Stone Macaw"

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