Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Vintage Recording: Summer Scenes - 6/18/2018


See you on the air soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy this recording of a show from June 2018


Summer Sounds
Mitchell’s Christian Singers “Traveling Shoes”
Tele:Funken remixing Flying Saucer Attack “Distant Station, Pt. 2” [excerpt]
Culture Club “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me”
LR & Puce Mary “Lucia”
Cabaret Voltaire “Partially Submerged”
Etat Brut “Instant 1”
Wall of Voodoo “Ring of Fire”
Oren Ambarchi “Quixotism Part 4”
Federico Tarazona “Metarangosofia no. 1”
Lilliental “Wattwurm”
Nerfbau “Mechanical Camel Toe”
Excerpt from John LeCarre’s “The Honourable Schoolboy”
Aulos Quintet “Dizkus”
Randy Grief “Becoming Animals”
Sharkiface w/ Loachfillet “Snake Root”
Jason Crumer “Ending”

[Your DJ finally speaks over some “Relentless Neglect” by An Trinse]

Graffiti & Religion – from the “Handwriting on the Wall” album by Jack Raymond & Haskell Barkin
Cabaret Voltaire “Kneel to the Boss”
Cornaire Salifou Michel et L’Orchestre “Gangnidodo”
Arianna Puello “Scartching” no, wait that's gotta be "Scratching."  I hereby correct bandcamp's typo.
Unidentified Artists from the ShellacHead compilation, “Seven Inches of Love”
“Comrade Men Ho Has a Red Sun in his Heart” from an album called Mao Tse-Tung’s Thought Brings Up Heroes
Can “Come Sta; La Luna”
Dan Hayhurst “Vying”

[Your DJ speaks over the Ventures’ version of House of the Rising Sun]

Vogel “Flaschenzung”*
Opponents “Retribution Dialectic”
Arne Deforce’s “Life-form 1: Anaphase”
Robert Mitchum from Night of the Hunter, “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”
This Heat “Makeshift Swahili”
The Homosexuals “Walk Before Imitate”*
Maly Szu “Taniec w Gownie do Zucia”
Robert Wyatt “The Internationale”*
Meinschaft “Sister Faith Sister Chance”
Tatsu Aoki “Baby Walker Blues”
Orior “Dust Glow”
Merzbow “Degradation of Tapes” [excerpt]
AM radio static
Ron Pate “I Talk to My Haircut” [the final track I’ll play today from the 2-album Recommended Records Sampler]
Felix Kubin & Das Mineralorchester “Sztylet” 
Laurent Fairon “Heptaphonon part V” 
The Scrambled Debutante “That Ole Devil Music”

[end of recording]

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