Thursday, January 9, 2020

Like You Just Don't Care: WZRD Playlist January 9th 2020


Psychological Strategy Board "The Synthetic Profile"
Lucrecia Dalt "Levedad"
Jing "Amalgam"
Dan Hayhurst "Fern Gang"
Pigswill "Ghost Breathing"
...with Maria Teresa Luciani "Between Town and Country"
Harry Nilsson "At My Front Door"
Sergio Mendes "Boa Palavra"

[your dj speaks]

Anne-James Chaton, Alva Noto & Andy Moor "Chapitre V: Calculs"
..with Soundwalk Collective "Nadqan"
Crawl Unit "Everyone Gets What They Deserve"
(with Mayor Daley in his own words)
King Midas Sound "Outta Space"
Latin Playboys "Manifold De Amour"
Intersystems "Orange Juice & Velvet Underwear"
Grim "Lunatic House" [excerpt]
Roberto Musci "A Tale For C"
Blackhouse "Power of the Lion" [excerpt]
Esmark "Skern A" 
Present "Dispel/Despite"
Cornelius Cardew "The Great Learning: Paragraph 2" [excerpt]
...with Hexa "Sledge"

[she speaks, over coffee cold]

The Ex "Sucked Out Chucked Out, Pt. 6" 
Sun Ra "My Way is the Spaceways" 
Laurent Fairon "Heptaphonon part IV"
Mars Sounds, picked up by NASA's Insight lander
Katharina Ernst "X_01"
Brandsifter "We Sell Fish"

[your DJ speaks over the Fendermen's version of Greensleeves"]

This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Both of Us
Luer "Juno"
...with Strangulated Beatoffs "Satan's Pool Party"
...followed by some more of that Luer track
Julian Sartorius "Ziggli"  
Obnox "Hang On Sloopy"
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid "Noemie" [excerpt]
...mixed with: Jason Soliday "A Device for Invoking a State of Montana (A Place I Have Never Been)" turn mixed with J. Rajarathnam Pillai "Raga Alapana"
Gnod "The Epidural & The Crowning" 
Public Image, Ltd. "Careering"
I just do eyes
Thomas Gerendas "Drotakadaly (Ego Version)" [excerpt]
Haunted "Cerberus"
Robedoor & Haunted Castle at a house party
Luasa Raelon "Storms of Neptune"
Lemma Demissew "Adrashash Tefabegn"

[your DJ speaks one more time]

 Penya "Cham Bomb"
Melvin Jackson "Cold Duck Time" 

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