Monday, July 22, 2019

Ernest Stares into the Abyss: WZRD Playlist: July 22nd, 2019

King Missile "Pickaxe"
TFUL282 "Socket"
Joy Division "Heart and Soul"
Thanet "Out of Orbit"
...with: Yamantaka Eye & John Zorn "Thank You For Not Thinking"
George Kranz "The Drums Love You"
...mixed with: Lee Renaldo's "329 Overtones for John Cage"
Acid Angels "Speed Speed Ecstasy"
...mixed with: Sharkiface "Underneath"
Botched Facelift "Command Hallucination"
Brian Eno "I'll Come Running"
Lawrence English "Ceramic Oven and Wind Storm Walchau Hutte Austria"

[your dj speaks over some Lustmord]

Chra "Odessatocha"
Umbra "Dzospel U Ogledalu"
Martin Hannett "Second Aspect of the Same Thing"
Lesiman & Raskovich "Incontro ritmico"
...mixed with: Varese's "Density 21.5" for solo flute performed by Lawrence Beauregard
Masma Dream World "The Song of the Demon Dragon Daughter)
Akira Rabelais - 1382 Wyclif Gen.II.7..."
...with Chris Watson's "Oujela Mine"
Keiji Haino "My Only Friend" [excerpt]
...with PBK "Misspent Genetic"
Paul Bowles "Baptism of Solitude"
(with PBK's "Pinnacle of the Sand Priest")(excerpt)
Jarboe "Ode to V"
Guy Birkin & Sun Hammer "Complexification03SH" (on repeat)
...mixed with Arnold Dreyblatt "Epilogue"

[the wzrdj speaks over Ungh!]

Ungh!  "Bouncer"
Oso El Roto "Amor maldigo"
The Bee Gees "To Be or Not to Be"
Chrissy Zebby Tembo "I'm Not Made of Iron"
Gaffa "Attitude Dancing (Land of 1000 Dunces)"
Julian Cope "Gogmagog"
Small Faces "Talk to You"
"1969" covered by the artists of NEET
Joao Renato Orecchia Zuniga "Epiphanies"
The Coughs "Life of Acne"
Die Todliche Doris "Windstille"

[yes, I'm talking over it]

Die Todliche Doris "Grunland in der Grenzschlade"
Edward Ka-Spel "Mirror Soul"
Baron Mordant "Back In The US(S)B"
...with some zoviet france mixed in... "look into me"
Michalis Moschoutis "Here's how I sing"
Biting Tongues "You Can Choke Like That"
Jeff Carey "Expr"
Front Line Assembly "Mindphaser"
Dogma Probe "Thirteen"
Lana Del Rabies "Denial"

[your dj speaks over Charles-Eric Charrier's "8 minutes"]

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