Monday, August 5, 2019

Articulatory Movements: WZRD Playlist, August 5th 2019

Pastor John Rydgren "An Offering in Music"
Soundwalk Collective "Agni"
...with Daniel Menche "Fist Full of Hell"
Doctor at a hospital in Syria last week
Seth Cooke "The Centre Will Not Hold" [excerpt]
Krapper Keeper "Little Kid in Space"
The Oblivions w/ Quintron "What's The Matter Now"
Sharon Tandy "Our Day Will Come"
Michael Donnelly "Thick Skull"
...mixed with "Antithese" by Mauricio Kagel (which in turn was mixed with:)
Nick Sondy "do you want to listen to the band?" [excerpt]
Sirom "I'm The Ostrich You Keep Seeing In The Neighbouring Hollow"
Jim Haynes "Then, Theranos"
...with Coil & Black Sun Productions, "The Victim Is Without Will from This Moment On"
Yref "wuste mark VI"
, plus:  Vertonen "Chatterboxer"

[your DJ speaks over Abe Schwartz, The Klezmer King]

48 Chairs "Relentless"
Roxy Music "Virginia Plain"
Nelson Young "Rock Old Sputnick"
Altin Gun's version of one of the best songs ever written: "Cemalim"
Severed Heads "Moreno"
Perc & Einsturzende Neubauten "Lunebest"
Tralphaz "Somewhere"
 Clarence Ashe "Troubles I've Had"

[your dj speaks over some karaoke-ified Digital Underground]

Marvin Tate's D-Settlement "Planet D-Settlement"
Vidna Obmana "Bemused Amphibian"
Bill Brewster "Love Hard"
...mixed with "Dirty Songs" by Dirty Songs
Konstruktivists "Francis Bacon" [excerpt]
Nadah El Shazly "Barzakh"
do something
toitoitoi "Gummi-Marsch"
...with Pimmon "Chirippk"
Alex "Derule' "
...mixed with Bruce Gilbert w/ BAW "Dry Land"
Henri Salvador "bedelia"

[the WZRDJ speaks over Beastie Boys]

13th Floor Elevators doing "Baby Blue"
Do Pas O "Six in the Dark"
Thanet "Earth"
Death Factory "Wall of Souls"
 ...with IMA "Meshes"
(transmission begins)
(adult entertainment)
Fashee "Mega Mist" [excerpt]
...mixed with some Juice Machine
Silvia Kastel "Air Glow"
Dr. Footswitch "Everyday Has Got a New Dream"
Funkadelic (reworked by Moodymann) "Cosmic Slop"
Shit & Shine "Hot Shovel"
Popol Vuh's "Ich Mache einen Spiegel"
Smegma "F & V"
 Hailu Mergia "Musicawi Silt"

[your DJ speaks again]

[end of recording]

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