Monday, July 1, 2019

Tomb of Abraham: WZRD Playlist July 1, 2019

id m theft able "jellied errors" [excerpt]
...mixed with: Postcommodity "Mesa de Las Viejas"
Teddy Roosevelt
Loachfillet "The Dirge"
Davis Redford Triad "Ewige Blumenkraft"
Beate Bartel "MBT"
Names "Go Easy"
Seth Cooke "L 361204 175438"
...mixed with: Phurpa "Three Mantras of Bon"
then the Phurpa is mixed with cheering
Hainbach "Glueck"
...with: David Molina "The Wall and Speaking in Tongues"

[your DJ speaks!  Over Klaus Weiss's "Jumping Balls"]

The Feelies "Loveless Love"

Zos-Kia "Rape"
Godflesh "Deaf, dumb & blind"
KK Null & Jon Rose "Mathematical Cowgirls"
Quartz Locked "HD Hachoir"
Phyllomedusa "Accoutrements For Just Such Philoria Vigor"
Stereolab "Pause"
Pedestrian Deposit "Auger"
Slap "Elegy"

[the DJ speeks]

Silica Gel "Beauty Bugaboo"

Deee-Lite "Groove is in the Heart"
The Eagles Lupopo "Common Man"
Daisy World - Untitled
Arvo Zylo "Upheaval 89"
Halim El-Dabh & Otto Luening "Electronic Fanfare"

[your DJ speaks, again]

The Conet Project's recording of the Swedish Rhapsody Iridial

Disposable Culture Preservation Society  - untitled track from History of Popular Music
David Bowie "V-2 Schneider"
Orphan Swords "Hooker"
Thomas Dimuzio "Abject Light" [excerpt]
*absolutely real*
Kraftwerk "Elektrisches Roulette"
The Kinks "20th Century Man"

[your DJ talks, this time with some gin n juice]

Umbra "Cetvrtak"

Space Art "Love Machine"
Ciarra Black "Don't Say It, Volume 1"
...mixed with Silvia Kastel "Concrete Void"
Lightning Hopkins "Please Settle in Vietnam"

[end of recording]

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