Monday, June 1, 2009

Death Factory, Mike Krause live on WZRD

Mike Krause was involved with WZRD for more than 10 years, doing 4 hour long DJ slots with a varying schedule. He was also instrumental in the production of WZRD's long standing live Thursday Nights, and to my understanding, still does from time to time. He can be found playing various thrash, industrial, noise, and other records at any number of small clubs or performance spaces on a sporadic basis.

Mike has been a great help with this blog, and has been in the Chicago noise scene, as a member of Sexual Freedom/Gays in The Military, Dummy Antenna, Flophouse, and Pommel. He also shared some history out of his vast collection of obscure items, about early Chicago noise acts or "sound collage ensembles" on WNUR and WLUW.

Here is a live performance by him under the moniker "Death Factory" which he has been running with since 1988. He sites inspiration as partly from the WZRD "Void Watches" he heard as a youth. Death Factory has shared bills with Bloodyminded, Panicsville, Ghost Ice, Locrian, Lozenge, and Intrinsic Action, among others.

Death Factory Live on WZRD

I've also included a DJ set that he shared with me from 03/31/01, in 3 parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

from 3/31/01 ( 12 am - 2am ( ish) )
There was 3more hours of music but I just started recording
my shows on VHS and forgot to set it to SLP mode (duh!! ).
1). Henry Cow - Beautiful as the Moon : Terrible as an Army With banners
/ Nirvana for Mice/ Ottawa Song/Gloria Gloom/Moon
Reprise. (live)
2). Art Bears - In Two Minds
3). Henry Cow - Bad Alchemy /Little Red Riding Hood Hit’s the Road (live)
4). Alboth - Porpan
5). Nervous Gender - Monsters
6). Stickmen - Discophonic Walk
7). Male Slut - Thoodblistry Thespians (Thurston Moore ) 7”

8). Evolution Control Committee - Rocked by Rape 7”
9). Add N to X - Skills
10). Holger Czukay - Good Morning Story
11). Steel Bands of Trinidad and Tobago - Culture
12). Brian Gysin - “Moroccan Music “ (2 tracks ) recorded in the 60’s .
13). Muslimgauze - Remixes (Vol.2) track #8 *
14). Death in June - She Said Destroy (12” version)
15). Deutsch Nepal - Energy Not Orgasm *

( * There was some cross mixing between some of these tracks . )

16). Celtic Frost - Tristess de la Lune *
17). Paul Giger - Organum (String Trio)
18). Japp Blonk - Deutsch Lyrik
19). Harvey Sid Fisher - Mommy ! (slightly cut at the end….)

Some dialog I included too . I really hate my voice on these earlier shows. I think I’ ve gotten better over the years. Maybe ?




Here is another archive of Michael Krause's dj sets at WZRD, from January 27th of 2002.

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  1. thanks for posting this Arvo.
    I have a playlist for this dj set (which is actually one of my short sets!) which I'll put up later tonight or tommorrow. i know off the top off my head though, it starts out with Henry Cow. Real 'Proggy' stuff first, but later gets more electronic /Industrial, w/ other music(s)...

    I hope this blog serves a purpose as not only to entertain and inform but to maybe influence
    future djs to get involved in the station as it is going through some real 'down' times now.
    We/they need active/creative people there badly.