Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mispronunciations Galore!

[Originally aired on WZRD Chicago on 6/19/2017]

Mr. Yuk is mean, Mr. Yuk is green
A mess of Freed Weed
Machine Listener “Iron Age”
Remko Scha and the Machines “Ooze”
Charles Cohen “Blue Krishna”
Martin Franklin & Cheapmachines “Crossover”
Clark Coolidge “Preface” [excerpt]
Walter Carlos doing Eleanor Rigby
Stefano Tamburini “Thalidom Music for Young Babies”
Francois Bayle “Habitable Spaces: Homage to Robur”
Maja Ratkje “Chipmunk Party”
Zounds “Can’t Cheat Karma”
Las Munjitas del Fuzz “Es el 69”
Rolling Stones “Sway”

[dj talkin time]

Underwater earthquake and whales
Christina Kubisch “Night Flights”
Jacques Brodier “Monstre de Brouillard”
Scanner – Part 2 of “In Between”
Carole Quinn “What’s So Sweet about Sweet Sixteen?”
Liberace “Kitten on the Keys!”
Carl Stone “Violence”
Andy Stott “Time Away”
Jochen Arbeit, Gunter Schickert & Schneider TM “40 degrees C”
Lesser “4th Level Dwarf Fighter”
Stephen Vitiello “Marfa Mix”
Guy Reibel “Canon Sur Une Trompe Africaine”
Sitar and tabla duo

[your dj speaks over same sitar and tabla duo]

Lee “Scratch” Perry “Disco Devil”
Ian Drury “Funky Disco”
Philip Sanderson “Defenestration at the Gravity Pit”
Stained Afro “Supplemental Shale”
Asmus Tietchens “Untitled” from Ptomaine
Chino Amobi “London II”
African Head Charge “Surfari”
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth “The Creator”
Saitam and Chevo Lege “Leur Impasibilite face aux evenements” [their impassivity to events]
Locked groove from the RRR collection of 500 mixed in
Morten Poulsen “Aerodynamics Part 2” mixed in
Giya Kancheli “V & V"

[your dj speaks over some William Basinski]

Non Toxique Lost “Wirkichkeit”
Electric Light Orchestra “10538 Overture”
Pain Teens “Inside Me”
Powered by Love “Powered by Love”

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