Friday, March 2, 2018

Aerial Ears

Originally aired on February 26, 2018


Laurent Fairon “Heptaphonon part II” [excerpt]
Pissed Jeans “Wachovia”
Crash Worship “Bajo la piel”
…with Lawrence English “Oamura” mixed in
Tomas Brinkmann “Tlv” and “Cgn”
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Godz “Gotta Keep a Runnin’”
James White & The Blacks “Contort Yourself” remixed by August Darnell
Chrome “Electric Chair”

[your DJ speaks over Locust’s “Prospero”]

Ehsan Saboohi “Dhikr II”
Part 7 of Richard Barrett’s Life-form for Cello & Electronics, “Anthesis” performed by Arne Deforce &  Yutaka Oya
Pulselovers “Lonely Puck”
Ian Wilson “Una santa oscura: Devotional 3”
Fergus Kelly “Manac”
Shriekback “My Spine is the Bassline”
Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen “Sinuhe”
MrDougDoug “Pew Moth Tantra 382”
Felix Kubin & Das Mineralorchester “Kuchenmusic”
F/i “Undisclosed Secret Location”
Jackie Shane “Cruel Cruel World”

[your dj speaks over Jefferson Airplane’s “Spare Chaynge”]

Boron “Jaamatihaaken”
Lawrence English “The Liquid Casket”
Neel “The Gravity of Limtoc”
Giancarlo Toniutti “Rasuranido”
Damno Te “Duat”
Robert Curgenven “Rosetta”
Joan La Barbara “Cathing”
…mixed with… Kaiser Nietzsche “Nine Student Nurses”

[your dj speaks over Christina Kubisch & Eckehard Guther “Abandoned Hotel at Night” & some Bach on Trombone]

John Trubee & the Ugly Janitors of America “Memories of Dreams of Yesterday”
Moluk Zarrabi “Daramad, Zabol”
Yahowa 13 “E Ah O Shin”
Telecult Powers “Spirit Telephone”
The Heliocentrics “Wrecking Ball”

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