Monday, December 10, 2018

Rays & Smells

[originally aired 12/10/2018]

Pete Shelley (RIP) "Sky Yen" [excerpt]
Pete Shelley "Cinema Music & Wallpaper Sounds" [excerpt]
Buzzcocks "Late for the Train"
Buzzcocks "Time's Up"
Buzzcocks "Lipstick"
Buzzcocks "Moving Away from the Pulsebeat"
Pete Shelley "Homosapien"
Can's "Father Cannot Yell" remixed by Pete Shelley & Black Radio
Pete Shelley "Qu'est-Ce Que C'est Que Ca"

[a brief message from your disc jockey]

Buzzcocks "Ever Fallen in Love"
Can "Father Cannot Yell"
PCRV, track 2 from Three Untitled Pieces [excerpt]
J Marks & Shipen Lebzelter "Essence of Its Own" 
Telecult Powers "Thoughts Through Space" [excerpt]
Simply Saucer "Electro Rock"
Death & Vanilla "The Unseeing I"
Neo Maya "I Won't Hurt You"

[your humble DJ speaks over Peter Wullen's "Step Into The Light, Lazarus IV"]

Coil & Black Sun Productions "Now the Spider Cocoons the Victim, Meaning the Spider Wraps the Victim in Plastic"
The Witch Trials "Trapped in the Playground"
Aaron Dilloway "No Eye Sockets"
Minimal Man "Loneliness"
The Mighty Hannibal "The Truth Shall Make You Free"
Jo Thomas "Highbury" [excerpt]
Fucking video "Pure pubes" [excerpt]
Drew McDowall "Tell Me the Name"
Anjou "Greater Grand Crossing"
Buddhist Drums

[time for your dj to talk, this time over Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, "Eventually We Find Our Way"]

Jute Gyte "Salgo"
Strangulated Beatoffs "Cocky Asshole" [excerpt]
DJ Flexxx "The Water Dance"
Ruelgo "Electrobot"
Ikue Mori w/ Zeena Parkins "Blue Noon"
The Polka Dot Fire Brigade "The Moon Which Lies"
A Split-Second "Mambo Witch (Experimental Version)"

Phlegm "Rupture Chaotic"
Voivod "Voivod" !
Popol Vuh "Death of a Bandit"
Teungjai Bunpraruksa "Kanong Krung"

[time for talk from the wizard]

[end of recording]

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