Monday, June 10, 2019

Kak Cattack: WZRD Playlist 6/10/2019

this shift key is wack

Inspector Gadget
Lana del rabies "reign"
P!off? "Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt"
tarantism "Love song of the Hymenoptera"
Ariadne "grief divine"
smegma w/ wild Man fisher " I did then."
z'ev & hati "II"
Lawrence english "suikinkutsu taima japan"
the bran ...POS "forelumps" [excerpt]
Adriano zanni "fake trees"

[your dj speaks]

arvo Part, part 1 of "da Pacem domine"
mike Majkowski "growth" [excerpt]
svarte greiner "Ocean Out of wood"
...with: Kate Carr "communication wires In tropical Storm - Mexico"
Bruce Hamilton "Dumilay"
Jill Kroesen "I'm sorry I'm such a weenie"
Pedro vian "Maia (eric copeland Mix)"
warren Miller "everybody's got a baby but Me"
the boys "I don't care"
Justin Marc Lloyd "an Opening"
Brave New world "sitcom"
Richard H. Kirk "Do It right Now"

[your dj speaks... again!]

gum takes tooth "A still earth"
Out of Order "anal aggression"
renaldo & the Loaf "Duo dance In H flat"
bastien Keb "blurs"
sangama "Oda"
Irene buckley "rotation of the earth"
Lucretia Dalt "Inframince"
Midmight "Clean Sweep"
Monster rally "Ninas de La selva"

[hi, me again]

Stock & Hausen & Walkman "weedy"
Andreas Dorau "fred vom Jupiter"
XTC "Heatwave"

maybe the right shift key will work better next week.

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