Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm probably pretty high in the rankings, if not at the very top, on the list of people who have guested on WZRD the most times. I simply enjoy the atmosphere of the dank, dusty, basement cubby hole that is the WZRD studio, and its writhing aura of reckless abandon; Lined with Graffiti and posters from bands long forgotten, caked with rotting, old records and tapes since 1974. So although I'm not a student there, and have never been an official DJ there, I felt it necessary to start a blog for specific WZRD posterity, where it doesn't get buried with playlists on their myspace page .

So to kick things off, I will share with you what I have available for now and some stuff I just found. I will be digging through more old radio shows I've done and have requested the same of others, past and present.






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