Friday, December 2, 2016

Journey Into Dream-Rot Flux


Arvo's internet feedback monk grunt/chant meditation
Ennio Morricone - Wait / Humanity (Part 2) from THE THING soundtrack
Neal Hefti - The Mafista
Ray Manzarek - The Gambler
Pink Floyd - Crumbling Land
Archie Shepp - Prelude To A Kiss
Atlantis Philharmonic - My Friend
Carpe Diem - Voyage Du Non-retour

Mona Lisa - Solaris
Ambergris - Walking on the Water
Guru Guru - der electrolurch
Ash Ra Temple - Deep Distance
Cluster II - georgel
Ambience Two: An Adventure in Environmental Sound LP Side A:  "Contentment: Hearth Warming" excerpt


Rogalli Nr. II - Pathos I (from Neue Deutsche Peinlichkeit)
Pascal Comelade - Harley Davidson (from Slow Music cassette)
Peter Frohmader - Ascension
Michel Mouline - Le ballet des mouches
LLL  - excerpt from "Hoffnung" cassette

Frank Garvey - excerpt from "Guardian Knot" cassette (soundtrack to a "video opera")

Robert Ashley - excerpt from Perfect Lives (a television opera)
Alvin Lucier - excerpt from "Crossings" (for small orchestra with slow sweep pure wave oscillator, 1982-84) *with
Merzbow - excerpt from "Fonctionnarisation" cassette
Illusion of Safety - excerpt from home-made "new material" cassette (undated, probably 1987 or before)
Laxative Souls - excerpt from Side B of "Twist and Decease" cassette
Problemist - excerpt from "Pop Religion is Love" cassette
Operating Theatre - excerpt from "Rapid Eye Movements" cassette
Robert Haigh - excerpt from "Best of" cassette on United Dairies
Entropy - excerpt from "(Treatments for Guitars, Basses, and Piano)" cassette ("from Entropy Video release date 9.87, Atavistic Video...")
Sugar Cane Harris - Bad Feet
*turntable manipulation with effects*
Potemkine - Odes De Mars

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