Tuesday, January 3, 2017

winter mouth and pharynx, black specters

(Sarah Moskowitz & Arvo Zylo)

Ennio Morricone “Theme from the Thing”
Bruce Lacey “Cycles of the Serpent I” [excerpt]
Mister Matthews “Rust Belt”
Some trains
Mani Neumeier “Jingle Shiva-Bells”
Rose Kallal “Vermillion Vortex”
Juicy Bananas “Bad Man”
Esplendor Geometrico “Introspeccion”
Klara Lewis – untitled track from her album Ett
Big Daddy Kane “Ooh Aah Nah-Nah-Nah”
Cabaret Voltaire “Stay Out of It”
[your dj speaks over some Black Box]

Little Hank “Mister Bang-Bang Man”
BB Jr. ??  from Tearjerker
Giuseppe Ielasi – some untitled composition
Francois Bayle – “l’ecriture acoustique”
Aranos “Towards Glittering Warm Dumplings”
Afrosound “Caliventura”

Alesia Cosmos “H-Co”
Akio Suzuki side A track 2 of Analapos
Christian Marclay “Black Stucco”
Genickschuus “Gnade”
Shit n Shine “Electric Pony 2”
Hadudaim “Vayiven Uziyahu”

Sandie Shaw – I’ll Stop At Nothing
Tredici Bacci – Give Him The Gun (featuring JG Thirlwell)
Leonard Cohen – Diamonds In The Mine
Arthur Brown – Fire

Gitane DeMone – There is a Man (accidentally cued the end of the song on the LP)
SAND – Desert Storm
Bob Bucko Jr. – Our Constant Source of Light
Nine Inch Nails - The New Flesh (alternate version)
M.Nomized - Ledini Blud (featuring Mors Mea)
Amputation Theory - Desire (excerpt from Voyeur cassette on Cipher Productions)
Excerpt from "Necronomicon 3" V/A cassette 
Reality Scare - Out The Window
I Scream - excerpt from "Tomorrow is Another Day" cassette (Side B, "Cyclical Music", 1976)

Bull of Heaven - excerpt from "333 - Of Course, The Personality Is Gone" (R.I.P. Clayton Counts)

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