Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lamp Water

Art by Arvo Zylo

Battle Trance - excerpt from "Blade of Love" LP Side A
Wanda Group - excerpt from "A Slab About Being Held Captive" LP Side A
Freddy Ruppert - excerpt from "Wait" cassette Side A
Max Eilbacher - excerpt from "Schizophrenia As Architecture" cassette Side A
Gary Wilson & Tredici Bacci - Newark Valley / I Wanna Lose Control
Paul Roessler - The Old People / Gila Monster Stomp
Hedone Tears - Moonlit Paradise
Gitane Demone Quartet - Eva Braun (Screamers cover)
CROMAGNON - Caledonia   (Your DJ Talks over Ritual Feast of The Libido)

Gravemist - Take Me As I Am (Boudleax Bryant)
Susan Raye - Nobody's Fool
Karen Dalton - It Hurts Me Too
Ampyre - Your Punishment
Dreadlords - Track 2 from 4 way split CDR with Clang Quartet, Roro Perrot, and Brandon Hill ("#9: In a world that has REALLY been turned on its head, truth is a moment of falsehood.".....   "BADC1"  ltd to 50 copies)

Somnoroase Păsărele - excerpt from "TION" CDR track 1.  

Aaron Dilloway  -  Corpse on Horseback LP side B excerpt
Diatric Puds & The Blobettes - excerpt from "Weird Watusi Variations" 7 inch
Glands of External Secretion with Nels Cline - excerpt from "Icebox (Defrosted Mix)", on split CD with My Cat Is An Alien.

Comfort Link - excerpt from Side A of "the celestial music of..." cassette

Dieter Müh - relentless

Arachnad - Winter Telescope (from split CDr with Albert Tross)
Negativland - They Know How Busy You Are
Gorgonized Dorks - Neurotic Governments
Mesarthim -  .​.​-​-​-
(your dj talks over "Voices of The Loon" LP)
cassettes hitherto played from a cassette recorder in mono because the tape deck jammed>>>>>

Moochie Moonies (?) - Slumber Party Fun (not sure, 1981 DATGO Wreckchords, handpainted cassette single)
Unnatural Logarhithm - excerpt from side A of "Do Not Play This Side" cassette ("logunn5", 81-82, Logarithmic Tapes)
Physimenspirit - Shy Why Be (excerpt)

FâLX çèrêbRi - excerpt from Rite 64 cassette side A

Fred Austere - Feel The Pain pts 1,2,3 (from "Too Scared To Dance" cassette (could possibly be on a label called "End Game"?)

Cultural Amnesia - excerpt from Video Rideo cassette
malignantfetus - excerpt from "suicide kit" cassette (1989 Elmhurst, Il)

Attrition & Audio Leter ‎– Action And Reaction (Critique Of Leisure Consumption)  *excerpt

The Miracle - excerpt from "Jammus Interruptus"
Anvil - excerpt from "10th Anniversary" cassette
A/Noyz - excerpt from "Tale from the Broken Mirror" cassette
Dutyface - excerpt from "Minimo Mesmo" cassette

Girl Thirteen

Girl Thirteen - excerpt from "I WANTED TO BE GOING SOMEWHERE" cassette on Complacency 1986
DZ Electric & Anthon Shield - excerpt from cassette "From Europe With Love" on Cause and Effect 1985
Influenza Prods. - excerpt from "Quasi Solo" cassette on Cause and Effect
Experdo Credo Roberto - excerpt from self titled cassette on Magisch Theater Productions / 3Rio Tapes.  
Slave Ant Raid - excerpt from self titled cassette
New Carrollton - excerpt from self titled cassette
Omnicircus - excerpt from "Offering" cassette Side B (1982)
Swej Naissur - excerpt from "JR BAG 30" cassette with handpainted canvas j card and hand painted tape.... no other information... 
Spank (Boston, MA) - excerpt from "Soundtrack to Bog" cassette demo

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