Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ectogasmic Protospasmatic Photoplasm!

Pierre Raymonde - Erotic Aerobics - Breathing Warm ups / Body Manipulations
Executive Suite - Why In the World (Do They Keep On Funkin' With Me?)
Arts & Craft - I've Been Searchin'
Luther Ingram - If It's All The Same To You, Babe
Marie "Queenie" Lyons - See and Don't See
(your DJ talks over Sergey Kuryokhin)

Tomorrow's People - Open Soul (excerpt)
excerpt from THE GREMLINS soundtrack
Carl Stone - Sukothai
Phillip Glass - Metamorphosis Four
Annie Gosfield - The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory Part II

Howard Stelzer - Basalt #2 (from "Normal Bias" 6xCS set on BALLAST) *excerpt
ADULT.  - Wreck (excerpt)
Arjen Schat - excerpt from side A of "CRO2" cassette on DumpsterScore
Zos Kia / COIL - Truth (Version)
BLUE - excerpt from side A of "Kepler 20-F Suite" cassette
Cyclobe - Genius Loki
ILTH - excerpt from "Zongz 2017" (unreleased)

cEvin Key - Incandescent Glow
Huerco S. - Angel (Phase)
Points of Friction - Rhomboid Ladies
Alessandro Cortini - Posso
Body Sculptures - A Collection of Ceramic Vases (Yves Saint Laurent Buried in the Garden of His Marrakesh Home)
Electricity - Indlela Yababi (feat. Fire Eater) {from EXTREME MUSIC FROM AFRICA compilation)
Osman Kaytazoglu - The Monopoly of Victim Status (from anthology of experimental Turkish music 1961-2014)
Yuri Morozov - Human Extinction (excerpt)
bran (...) pos - Dawn of the Yellow Sun (As Time Goes By)
(your DJ talks over Cyclobe & Nurse with Wound)

The Necks - Blue Mountain

Hogra - excerpt from split cassette with HEXTERIA ("maggot feast")
Government Alpha - Flux (from Altar of Precogs 7 inch)
Endometrium Cuntplow - "Nulled Again" (excerpt)

Twin Whips - Lost Horse (excerpt with Charles Bukowski reading "Style")
Salvador Dali - L'Apothéose Du Dollar (1967 flexi)

Tactile - Grief (featuring John Balance)

Khost - Inversion (remixed by Godflesh)

Short Order - excerpt from split 7 inch with Captain Three Leg
excerpt from "Ghouls Night Out" compilation LP

HIRAM-MAXIM interview
HIRAM-MAXIM - interview
HIRAM-MAXIM - Visceral
Murdered Man - Pacing A Crime
Human Highlight Reel - Looking For Air

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Touched By All / Formless Depths

Pigface - Empathy (featuring Michael Gira)
Michael Idehall - Horsemen
Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)

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