Friday, March 24, 2017

no dukh, no sukh

[originally aired on 1/16/2017]


Tonto’s Expanding Headband “Jetsex”
Akio Suzuki “Analapos A-1”
GH “Packhorse”
Piotr Kurek “Go Up”
Colder “Maracas”
Unearth Noise “Decoding the Past”
Sarah Davachi “Aurum”
Thirteen Hurts “ZhUOZ”
RAKTA “Conjuracao Do Espelho”
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet “Wellegurtel No. 1” (mixed in)
[your DJ speaks over Dr. N. Ramani, flute, & Trichy Sankaran, drum “ragam-tanam-pallavi in raga kiravani”]
The Red Crayola “War Sucks”
Otto von Wernherr w/ Madonna “Cosmic Climb”
They Psychedelic Furs “Fall”
Zaenal Combo “Mabok Kepanjang”
“Thomas Dimuzio “Arc of the Fallen Arch”
William Basinski “Melancholia VII”
Yello “Daily Disco”
[your dj speaks over Quincy Jones’s “Call Me Mister Tibbs”]
The Box “No Time for Talk”
The Runaways “Cherry Bomb”
The Riddles “It’s One Thing to Say”
Tom Waits “Sea of Love”
Minoo Javan “Shi Abushieh”
Marlo Eggplant “Arvo”


Laibach & Germania “Sympathy for the Devil/ Who Killed the Kennedys”
A Pleasure “Slow Channel” [excerpt]
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland “15”
Spiteful Womb “Widening Wound” [excerpt]
Mort Garson & Arthur Prysock “I Need Your Love”
[your dj speaks over a Meredith Monk piano composition]
Bijelo Dugme “Glavni Junak Jedne Knige”
“Teri, the Security Director” from L.Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth soundtrack!
Makers of the Dead Travel Fast “The Dumbwaiters”
Depeche Mode “New Life”
“Cabaret Voltaire “Partially Submerged”
Miles Davis “Black Satin”
Path To Lobster Believers (AKA Angel Marcloid) “Sham God”
Ahleuchatistas “Our National Anthem”
[your dj speaks in the wind]
George Harrison “If Not For You”
Johnny Otis with Little Esther “Mean Ole Gal”
Landed “Bahdi Odour”
Alice Cooper “Laughing at Me”
Verckys “oui Verckys”
“Suricatta (Meerkat)” Matteo Colombo

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