Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sweet Teeth

[Originally aired on 11/20/2017]

Coil “All the Pretty Little Horses”
So Percussion performing Paul Lansky’s Threads, part V
David Toop “For a Language to Come” [excerpt]
Asda “Long Grass”
David Lang’s “I lie” performed by Ars Nova Copenhagen
[excerpt of Sixes’s Organ Cuts mixed in]
Josh Lay “Heirophant” [layered in to the Sixes track]
Lee Gamble “Razor” [layered into the Sixes track]

[your DJ speaks over the Pink Panther theme]

Experience Unlimited “Da’ Butt”
Carl Perkins “Put Your Cat Clothes On”
Deranged Diction “Aspirin”
Nils “Der Drummer Mit Dem Holzbein”
Xenia Rubinos “Lonely Lover”
Yello “Reverse Lion”
Cibo Matto “the candy man”
Sly & The Family Stone “Spaced Cowboy”
Music from the Film “The Arborist” from the World War Tree CD
Sote “Plural”
Golden Gate Quartet “Wade In the Water”

[your DJ speaks]

Disposable Culture Preservation Society, untitled track  (#3) from the CDR, History of Popular Music
Envenomist “Glaciated Landscapes” [excerpt]
T.O.M.B. “The Great Venerat Insult” [mixed in]
Jiving Juniors “Sugar Dandy”

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