Sunday, December 3, 2017

Purity, Body, Flavor

[originally aired on November 27, 2017]

Take Up Serpents: tracks 1 & 2 from (Prayers) from Beneath the Sand
Bestial Mouths “Heartless”
Maja osojnik “Authority”
Peter Michael Hamel “Mandala”
Regosphere “Waves of Nausea”
The Collection of the Late Howell Bend “Dominated by Splendor”
Yothu Yindi “Gapu”
Kevin Ayers “Singing a Song in The Morning”
The Centimeters “The Facts of Destiny”
The Soft Boys “Wading Through a Ventilator”
Johnny Otis w/ Little Esther “Mean Ole Gal”
Chrome “Third Seed from the Bud”

[your DJ speaks over Kiyoshi Mizutani’s “Incineration”]

David Bowie “DJ”
Batsumi “Lishonile”
Konx-Om-Pax “Perc Rave”
Anne Guthrie & Richard Kamerman “Re{Z} = Piper, Im{Z} = Andrej” [excerpt]
Sebadoh “Holy Picture”
Richard Pinhas “1992: ICELAND: intro”
Dave Phillips & Hiroshi Hasegawa “hexapod retaliation” [excerpt]
Love & Rockets “The Telephone is Empty”
More DP & HH
Piero Milesi “Between the scale and the apple”
Ehsan Saboohi “Prelude”
Hamlet Gonashvili “Tsintskaro”
Francis Dhomont “For T. Furieuse”
The Motor Totemist Guild “Farmer without Strings”

[your dj speaks over Delroy Edwards “Can U Get With”]

Rhythm Plague “Radio Free Dude”
Salvador Dali shilling for Alka Seltzer
Benny Hill “Ernie “The Fastest Milkman In The West”
Sote “2” from Dastgaah
German Shepherds “Communist Control”
Orange Bicycle “Hazy Shade of Winter”
The Unwanted “I’m Not Me”
Head Boggle “Live at 2 1 Grand ‘07” [excerpt]
ENOXAEON “Phonating Discord”
Madame P “Dyma” [excerpt]
Paul Lansky “Chorus” (Part VI of Threads, performed by So Percussion)
Marlo Eggplant “Theadle” [excerpt]
Untitled track (# 3) from the album vehemence 6.2 by Skleros
Pulp “Mile End”

[your dj speaks!]

John Berry “Mood One”
Andy Giorbino “Stadt der Kinder” (dang, forgot I played this a couple months ago)
Brian Case “Active Enemy”
Beatriz Ferreyra “Demeures aquatiques”

(end of recording)

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