Thursday, December 21, 2017

Foamy White

[Originally Aired 12/18/2017]

Annea Lockwood “World Rhythms” [excerpt]
Zweistein “I’m a Melody Maker”
Steve Reich & Russ Hartenberger “Clapping Music” [excerpt]
Curtis Chip “Secret Intermission”
Demdike Stare “Floor Stairwell”
Troy Schafer, Brian Steele, Dan Woodman, David Stearns, Sonny Blood, Iam Lee Ian, Dave 3000; “Astral Crossing” from the album, Crisis and the Healing Image
Stuart Chalmers “The Void” …mixed with…
Donald Fraser “Locomotion”
Tod Dockstader “Blackhole Dropout”
Silver Apples “The Mist”

[your dj speaks over some tatsu aoki]

Electro static cat “Datur Omnibus Mori”
Srdjan Eftimovski “Foamy White”
Sawako Tamaru “Suishoren”
The New York Dolls performing “Personality Crisis” live in Paris, 1973
Helen Grayco “Lily’s Lament”
The Horrors “Death at the Chapel”
Swamp Dogg “Remember I Said Tomorrow”

[your dj speaks over locomotion mordant mix]

King Missile “Take Stuff From Work”
Cold Sun “Twisted Flower”
Sweep the Leg Johnny (NOT Sto Cazzo!  That is the album title) “The Fine Wrinkles; We Have All of Them” & “That Than Which Nothing Greater Can Be”
Megan Roberts “I Could Sit Here All Day” [excerpt]
Evil Acidhead “Looped in the Temple of Yeti” [excerpt]
Corporate Park “Restricted Area”
A reading from a piece by Lindsey Hilsum called “The Rainy Season” from Granta # 125
Coil “Her Friends the Wolves”
Don Cherry “Brown Rice”
The Rolling Stones “Moonlight Mile”

[your dj speaks]

Johan Dalgas Frisch “Emperor Waltz” – with birds
“Amanaz” by Amanaz
DJ Hell “Keep on Waiting”
Monoton “HzBeats”
Unknown locked groove from the No Part of It album of locked grooves called “Trunculence”
Ehsan Saboohi “Dhikr I”
“Another Song about Euryale” by Lobisomem remixed by Totem Test
Ake Parmerud “Cut 1, 2, 3 Progress”
Todd Anderson-Kunert “When a Warm Embrace Feels Cold” (I think) …mixed into…
Howlround “Live at Jardins Efemeros Festival, Portugal”
Alice Cooper doing “Because”
Zeek Sheck “Mind Will Travel”
Smegma live at No Fun Fest [excerpt]

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