Thursday, January 11, 2018

Intemperately, Straw Abandoned

Originally aired on WZRD 88.3 FM Chicago on 1/8/2018

THX Movie Intro
Boron “Brunwuld” …mixed with…
Adriano Zanni “In the Distance”
Ghedalia Tazartes, Pawel Romanczuk, Andrej Zaleski “Wolves and Birds”
Arvo Zylo “Upheaval Version 67”
Excerpt from The Honorable Schoolboy by John Le Carre
Michel Chion “La Machine A Passer Le Temps” [“The Time Machine”]
Nikolaienko “Curious Casus”
Erkin Koray “Ankara Sokaklari”
Buddy Emmons doing Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major
Francis Dhomont “Transfert II” (mixed in with the Canon)
Etant Donnes “Right”
Anna Meredith “Nautilus”
Jason Crumer “All Friends and Old Flames” [excerpt, mixed with…]
Persona “Fogo”

[your dj speaks over Conrad Schnitzler’s “Black Nails”]

Peter Hammill “The Cut”
Latin Playboys “Chinese Surprize”
Twink “The Great Circus Show”
Porest “Mother Of All Mistakes”
The Monks “Boys Are Boys and Girls Are Choice”
Sister Nancy “Transport Connection”
…with maybe a little Angel Marcloid  (recording as Justin Marc Lloyd) “Acute ~Acquainting ~Quaint”
Noura Mint Seymali “Tia”
Peter Walker “Second Song”
Brian Hodgson, Delia Derbyshire & Don Harper “Celestial Cantabile”
Leo Weinberger “horizon of closed eyes”
Death Praxis “Bad Seed”
Paktofonika “Lepiej Byc Nie Moze”

[your dj speaks]

Anxiety “Dark & Wet”
Barnes & Barnes “E’s Epistle”
Jackie Shane “In My Tenement”
Cold Sun “Fall”
Roberto Musci “Woman of Water and Music”
Demdike Stare “New Use for Old Circuits”
Peter J. Woods “Tattered Clothes of a Former Emperor” [excerpt] 
Corporate Park “All or Nothing”
Johnny Osbourne “Buddy Bye Bye”

[your dj speaks over Hugo Montenegro’s Perfidia”]

Johanna Beyer “Music of the Spheres”
Video-Aventures “1mn45 Au Ponukele”
Thomas Koner “Des Rives” [excerpt]
Brume “Value Exaggeration Part One”
Sixes “Untitled” from Organ Cuts II
Chusuhishoku “Sublime Act”
Aleksi Perala “UK74R1510029”
Davis Redford Triad “Echoplex Orchestral Movement, Pt. 4” [excerpt]

End of recording!

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