Sunday, January 21, 2018


Originally aired on 1/15/2018




James Baldwin on the Dick Cavett Show
Galactic Unity Ensemble “Meditation Too” [excerpt]
Patrick Cowley & Candida Royalle “Candida Cosmica”
Damno Te “Time Tunnel”
Scattered Order “Burros Through Mexico”
Order of Nine Angels “Mammon”
Chris Connelly, three pieces from Day of Knowledge: “Satsita Two,” “Beyond Science and Evil,” and “Shalamov”
Nurse With Wound “Futurismo” [excerpt]
The Residents & Renaldo and The Loaf “The Sailor Song”
The Bus (This is My Time to Make My Sense)
“Harrumph!” scene from Blazing Saddles
Glenn Miller Orchestra (Marion Hutton, vocals) “The Woodpecker Song”

[your dj speaks over Dudu Pakwana & Spear “Joe’s Jika”]

Fetisch Park “Sucked Up”
Monique Jean “Danse de l’enfant esseulee” (Dance of the lonely child)
Joan La Barbara singing John Cage’s “A Flower”
I’d M thfft able “test detest, teste detest”
Strangulated Beatoffs “That’ll Be 200 Dollars Ma’am”
The Shadow Ring “Coombe House”
Harald Sack Ziegler “Revenge (Final Battle)”
“Small Battle” from the album: The Mighty U.S. Armed Forces Sound Effects in Action!
R. Stevie Moore “Joy to the World”

[your DJ speaks over John Zorn’s “Mo’ed”]

Sebastien Roux “Guet-Apens”
VI “Et in pulverem mortis deduxisti me” from album, De Praestgiis Angelorum 
“Treatise” performed by Jim Parker, ARP Synthesizer, Carrie Biolo, Vibraphone/Percussion, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Violoncello; Lou Mallozzi, Stimme [excerpt]
Neil Jendon “Longer”
Brent Gutzeit “American Pop Music” [excerpt]
Monique Rollin “Etude Vocale”
Bizita Q “Ritual in the Middle of Nowhere”
Jeb Loy & The Oil Wells “Things That Made U.S.”
Nuclear Blast!
The Scotsmen “Beer Bust Blues”
Black Flag “TV Party”
KRS-One “Sound of da Police”
Mary Martin singing “Bibbity Bobbity Boo”
ALF for the U.S. Department of Interior

[your dj speaks over Errol Brown’s Roots Rockas]

The Golden Date Quartet “Wade in the Water”
D.R. Hooker “A Stranger’s Smile”
Sote “Segaah”
Francis Dhomont “Studio de nuit”
Panicsville/Black Machine “wig”
Acid Bath Vampire “Wicked West” [excerpt]
The Electras “Dirty Old Man”
Kong Nai “Kontriev Doeung Kon Mai”
Randall Smith “Collision”
Asio Flammeus (Short-Eared Owl)
Lee Gamble “Pandemonium Institute” …mixed with…
Enzo Minarelli “Knowledge As Purpose of Life”
Elysia Crampton & Rabit “The Demon City”
Rolling Stones “Heaven”

[your dj speaks over music from Jacques Tati’s Playtime]

Vox Populi “Tik & Tics”

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