Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dead Prairie Strut

[Just discovered!  recording from way back: 8/14/2017]


Janek Schafer “White Lights of Divine Darkness”
Abul Mogard “Bound Universe” [excerpt]
Burial Hex “Final Litany” “Agnotocastor Rumpus Joined By Overexcited Menodus”
Frank Rosaly remixed by Kevin Gan Yuen from the album Neolithic Extraction
Hirsche Nicht Aus Sofa “Im Kote Tiefster Gemeinheit”
David Tudor “Phonemes” [excerpt]
Broadcast “Phantom”
Herman’s Rocket “The Last Tournament”
John Oswald “Zoom”
Noisear “The Blackened Sea”
Sid Vicious singing “Born to Lose”
SETI-X “Fifth Dysphony”
George Hannah & Meade Lux Lewis “The Boy in the Boat”

[your DJ speaks over “Planet Claire” by the B-52s]

Nick Lowe “So It Goes”
Magazine “Shot By Both Sides”
Todd “Butler’s Portion”
The Flesh Eaters “Ten Inch Razor”
Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem “Je suis venu te voir” and “vous et nous”
The Residents - ???  unmarked disc
Faust “Sur le ventre”
Zeitratzer “Megaherz” (Kraftwerk cover)
Hossein Omoumi “Dastgah-e Homayum”
Willie Ruff (solo French Horn) “Gloria”

[your dj speaks over Peer Raben “Franz Biberkopf’s Theme” from Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Berlin Alexanderplatz]

Michel Chion “Pater noster- Agnus dei”
Lars-Gunnar Odin “Something”
JPC Percussion Museum & Midori Takada “Blue Fox”
Angel Marcloid (recording as Justin Marc Lloyd) “Revolt Market” [excerpt][mixed in w/ the percussion]
Kerstin Stahl & Goran Rydberg “Vittringar”

[your DJ speaks over Ostinato Bass by Rene Costy]

Chrome “Eyes on Mars”
Dit + Uta “Science Fiction Park BRD”
The Cubby Creatures “Life is Insane”
Hokum Boys “I Had to Give Up Gym”
Adriano Celentano “Teddy Girl”
Oxbow “Babydoll”
Ben Richter “Further Reaches” [excerpt]
Sir Charles Thompson “Mister Boogie”
Bruno Nicolai “Drug Party”
Orchestre Septentrional “Abitan”
O Yuki Conjugate “Snake Charm”
Emptyset “Tangent”
Brian Case “Shipbuilding”
The Stranger “We Scarcely See Sunlight”

[your DJ speaks!]

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies “Ding-Dong Daddy of the D-Car Line”
John Cale “Fairweather Friend”

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