Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Well-Being Check

[originally aired on Monday, 4/9 2018]


Theme from Danger Mouse
Los Lichis “The Vultures- version ultralichixxx”
Andy Stott “Submission”
Angus Maclise “Drum Solo” –recorded in 1968
Robin Hayward “Rubble Master” [for tuba] [excerpt]
…mixed with… Jonty Harrison “Klang” [excerpt]
Thomas Buckner/Tom Hamilton “Segment D” from Jump the Circle, Jump the Line
Heroin in Tahiti “III” from the album, Remoria
Gintas K “Song”
Marlo Eggplant “Impaction”
Sir Lord Baltimore “Hell Hound”
Amebix “Arise!”
Dogs “Here Comes My Baby”

[your DJ speaks over Head Over Heels]

John Wiggins “Masterpiecing”
Red Snapper “Wonky Bikes”
The Hafler Trio?
…mixed with NAGA “Earth Dream”
…then Test Dept “Apocalypse” [performed live]
With some rain and Luc Ferrari’s “Saliceburry Cocktail pt. 1” mixed in
Eric Chasalow “The Fury of Rainstorms”
Borful Tang “The Conversation”
Subway scene from Brother from Another Planet
C-Schulz & Hajsch “Untitled” track 2 from their 2000 self-titled album
Eric Chasalow “And It Flew Upside-Down”
The Mills Brothers “Paper Doll”
Tuxedomoon “Fifth Column”
Loop Orchestra “Bride”

[your dj speaks]

Jackie Shane doing “High Heel Sneakers”
Grupo Naidy “El Botellon”
Volcano the Bear “Planetary Bethlehem”
…with Boar’s “Negative Noize” mixed in
D.R. Hooker “Falling Sleep”
Secret Chiefs 3 “Jabalqa”
Maja Osojnik “Condition III”
Ensemble Economique “No Highway”

[your DJ speaks over Ferrante & Tiecher’s rendition of Diamonds Are Forever”

Pascal Comelade & Victor Nubla “Bar Electric”
Pressurehed “Shockneck”
Menace “Screwed Up”
Flux of Pink Indians “Tube Disaster”
Donny Hathaway “I Believe To My Soul”
King Midas Sound “Outta Space”
…mixed with…Aube “In The Beginning”
…mixed with… Henk Badings “Ragtime”
Aube’s “In The Beginning” still…
…mixed with… Jean-Claude Vannier “The Child, The Fly, and the Matches”
Aube, still!
Aube is over.
Nurse With Wound “Mandrake Memorial” performed live at Bar Maldoror in the mid ‘80’s

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