Monday, June 4, 2018

If you're into that sort of thing.

[originally aired May 14, 2018]

No matter how hard I try, I'm just not that metal.  


Kink Gong “At (Horse)” [excerpt]
Maja Osojnik “You might be inherently a part of the problem”
Illusion of Safety “Shadowplay”
Chad Taylor “Gum Tree”
Laurent Dolcino “Conclusion”
Daniele Ciullini “Aconitum napellus”
Total Art of Percussion “Wuhan Wuchang”
Vacio Perfecto “Ojos Tleilaxu”
Amadou Ballake et Les 5 Consuls “Renouveau”
Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble “Vivian, Doris, and Wanda”
Ryoji Ikeda “Luxus 1-3”
…mixed with…Pacific 231 “Argentuil Public Inprovisation”
Jose Sosaya “Evocationes”
Alien Vegan Sect “Bir Tawil”
Atresia “Agente contaminante”
R. Stevie Moore “Here Comes Summer Again”

[your DJ speaks over Doctor Funkenstein’s “Scratchin’ To The Funk”]

Boogie Down Productions “The Bridge Is Over”
Sun Splitter “Into the Broken Lands”
To rococo rot “kritische masse 1”
Leonard Tamegon “Min Mon Do Ali Dji”
The Decapitated Hed “Electromagnetization Of Dancefloor Dirt”
Big City Orchestra “kujawiak” [excerpt]
The Huck-A-Bucks “The Bud”

[your dj speaks over Dreamcatcher Dub]

Lucrecia Dalt “Soliloquios”
Dan Hayhurst “Unravelling”
Secret Chiefs “Beyond The Mountain Qaf”
…mixed with… Sufi ceremony recorded by Paul Bowles & Brion Gysin in 1965
Sir Lord Baltimore “Kingdom Come”
…with Xdugef mixed in…
Ed Lewis & Fellow Prisoners “Tom Devil”
Aisha Kandisha’s Jarring Effects “El Harb”
PBK “Common Language”
Muddy Mae Suggins “All Alone On Lonely Long”
Irene Buckley “Rotation of the Earth”
Traditional Sicilian song
Captain Beefheart “Kandy Korn”

[your DJ speaks, yet again!]

Ghedalia Tazartes “Un” & “Danse Inverse”
Cheikh ‘Ndiguel’ Lo “Boul Di Tagale”

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