Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sternum Records

Originally aired on 3/19/2018

Universal Pictures
Meinschaft “The Midday Sun at Midnight”
Moskow “Man from Uncle”
Halim El-Dabh “Leiylah and the Poet” [excerpt]
Laurent Fairon “Heptaphonon part VII”
[a tiny bit of Gil Melle’s “Andromeda Strain’” (from the film)]
Edith Alonso “Collapse” [excerpt]
Time Attendant “Elementary Electronics”
The Harmonicats “Mambo Jambo” [played at 33 1/3]
Orchid Spangiafora “Asofoetida Weft”
Judas Priest?   Sdrawkcab??
Sparks “Hasta Manana Monsieur”

[your DJ speaks!  Over Ami Shavit’s “Alpha Rhythms 1”]

The Charts “Ooba Gooba”
Guilty Razors “Hurts & Noises”
Pedrinho “Nanda”
Nash the Slash “Children of the Night”
[with a little bit of Damno Te’s “My Totally 100% Real Girlfriend” mixed in]
Oneida & Rhys Chatham “Bad Brains”
Art Blakey “Ritual”
Demdike Stare “Ishmael’s Intent”
Panicsville “fun” [excerpt, mixed into the end of the Demdike Stare]
Severed Heads “Midget Sings”

[your dj speaks over Panicsville: “pain is nature’s way of protecting a fragile body”]

Sir Lord Baltimore “Lady of Fire”
Anxiety “Addicted To Punishment”
Keith Seatman “Prospero”
Pod Blotz “Rouleau Le Roy” and “The Swamp Command”
Anton Szandor LaVey “Temptation”
Roberto Musci “The Way of Discreet Zen”
Les Vampyrettes “Biomutanten”
The Hilltoppers “Sweetheart”

[your DJ speaks over Pedestrian’s “Simple Minded at Dawn”]

Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem “Le Brin D’herbe”
Nancy Sinatra “Friday’s Child”
Public Image Ltd. “Swan Lake”
Decimus, excerpt of Bannu, side A
…about 5 minutes in, mixed with Merzbow “Escape Mask Part I” [excerpt]
William Price “2 Days in the Tank”

[your DJ speaks over Vivaldi’s AUTUMN, slowed down]

Roger Waters & Ron Geesin “The Womb Bit”
Smegma “Creswell”
Stephan Micus “Everywhere, Nowhere”
Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas “Chevron”
[end of recording]

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