Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Talk, Monkey

[aired on Monday, August 20th]

Tomoko Sauvage “Amniotic Life”
David First “A Bet on Transcendence Favors the House” [excerpt]
Ursula Bogner “Soloresonanzen”
Rotten Piece “Grocery Cart Factory”
Quttinirpaaq “Man Without a Body”
To Live and Shave in LA “Belatedly Embroilment the of She “She” it-it”
Tomutonttu “Tahtien Takku”
Robert Inhuman “We Aren’t Dead Yet!” [excerpt]
Orfeon Gagarin “Gulag”
Adult. “Red Herring”
Broadcast & The Focus Group “The Song Before”
Snakefinger “The Spot”
Wilson Pickett “Born to Be Wild”
D.R. Hooker “Forge Your Own Chains”

[your DJ speaks over Mustafa Ozkent”]

Angelina Vlajkovich “Bogata Sam”
Foetus “Mutapump”
Catharsis “Masq”
Marc Bolan “Buick MacKane” [live in Germany]
Bow Wow Wow “See Jungle!  Jungle Boy”
Los Lichis “Curved Air”
Faust’s “D.I.G.” remixed by Surgeon
Cabaret Voltaire “Invocation”
Harry Pussy “Stop It”
Cheikh Mohamed Ba’oute “Yalbeida Derqok Lejbal”

 [your DJ speaks over Lords of the Underground “What I’m After”]

The Stooges “Cock in My Pocket”
Sugar Pie DeSanto “Slip-in Mules”
Antonio Sanches “Pinta Manta”
Hokhmat “Toransumisshon”
George Carlin’s vision of a Coast-to-Coast Emergency
Juicy Fruit!
Double your pleasure!
George Carlin for real this time
George Brassens “Chanson pour l’auvergnat”
Nigel Baldacchino “Youth Amnesia”
Hunting Lodge “Night from Night”
Miss High Heel “Lace Maker of Perfect Arse”

[your DJ speaks over Muslimgauze’s “Bilechik Mule”]

Andre Williams “The Monkey Speaks His Mind”

[end of recording]

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