Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Speed of Light, You Know

[originally aired on Monday, August 8th 2018]

Twilight Circus Meets Edward Ka-Spel “Lunar Moth”
UnicaZurn “Pale Salt Seam pt. 1”
…mixed with… Anjou “Greater Grand Crossing”
 …mixed with a bit of the Eraserhead soundtrack
…mixed with UnicaZurn’s “Breathe the Snake 3” [excerpt]
Children of Alice “Rite of the Maypole”
NAH “Done”
Hi Sheriffs of Blue “1980”
Mystic Inane “Blue Manhattan”
Renaldo & The Loaf “Catch!”

(your DJ speaks over some Die Krupps)

Gordon Longfellow “350-2”
Kiki Hitomi “Galaxy” (recognize the sample?)
Tympan “Agit” [excerpt]
Recording from the lakefront fire jam last full moon
Messages “Indian Landmark”
…mixed with Zoviet France “Gris”
Rodger Stella & Sean Ragon “King Heroin”
Lee Hazlewood “Forget Marie”
Rayo-60 “La Cancion de la perla imposible”
Sleep Chamber “Seconal Shuffle”
“Tahiti” from the Hyatt(!) album, Hyatt’s Drums of the Pacific
Napalm Death “Hung”
Scatmother “Rats of Siberia”
Mayan Apocalypse “Exist”
Patti Smith Group “Ghost Dance”
Horace Andy “Money Money”

[your dj speaks over the Montrose Martens]

Eric Idle doing the “Galaxy Song”
The Bug “Fake Auto Crash”
…mixed with Cesar Villavicencio “Mundos”
Coil vs. ElPh “Crawling Spirit”

(your DJ speaks over Tashi Dorji “Still Ill” …or Still III?  Stupid sans serif.)

Lucrecia Dalt “Glosolalia”
Fad Gadget “Saturday Night Special”
Happy Flowers “I Want My Tooth Back”
Felix Kubin “Radio Pangaa”
Laibach “Alle Gegen Alle”
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds “Wanted Man”
Marble Sheep & The Run-Down Sun’s Children “February 22, 1991”
Mayo Thompson “Horses”

[end of recording]

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