Monday, October 22, 2018


[Originally aired 10/22/2018]


Tom White "An Incident at the Visitor Centre"
Thymme Jones "Fooled Into Fatality"
Scrambled Debutante "Stolen and Contaminated (Meow Mix)"
Hirsche Nict Aufs Sofa "Sabeltanz"
MoE/Marhaug "Part One" of Capsaicin [excerpt]
...mixed with: M. Behrens "Untitled" from TV Pow's Powerful Friends & Devoted Lovers
Wolf Eyes "Let The Smoke Rise"
Jo Thomas "Boy"
Chanticleer performing "Past Life Memories" by Sarah Hopkins

[your DJ speaks over Chris Watson's "The Laipach"]

Elvis singing "How Great Thou Art"
Calvin Bridges & The Spirit of Love "He's Alright"
Orchestra Soledad "Uptight"
...mixed with: fosil sangiran "bagian dua"
Richard H. Kirk "Lets Jack"
Flash And The Pan "Man in the Middle"
Umbra "Cetvrtak"
Gosheven "Well Tuned Dreams"
Voice Crack "Silver" [excerpt]
Adult.  "D.U.M.E."
David Bowie "Soul Love"

[your DJ speaks]

Cicadas like a mofo (at the lakefront some weeks ago)
Penya "Cham Bomb"
Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway "Blizzard 2"
I-Roy "It Rough Down Ya (Dub)"
Toshio Kajiwara, DJ Olive, Christian Marclay "New York, September 17 2000"
Quintron "You Don't Own Me"
Ferrante & Teicher performing "El Cumbanchero"
[your DJ speaks over Sid Bass performing the Ritual Fire Dance on a Moog]
Super Mario Bros. Underground Theme
Carrageenan "Flowers"
Nihiloxica "Choir Chops"
jesu "friends are evil" [excerpt]

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