Monday, October 29, 2018

The Cloud Burned Down

[Originally broadcast on 10/29/2018]


Hello... Dimitri?
Mark Abbott "Yellow Jacket"
Chris Watson, KK Null, & Z'EV "Conclusion"
Puppies in the Sun: "The Church of Puppies in the Sun"
Author & Punisher "Set Flames"
Golden Disko Ship "Skiing Down a Hill of Dead Fishies"
Stuart Chalmers "Crabs Beard"
Tom White "No Stable Perspective"
The Kinks "Victoria"

[your humble dj speaks over The Traffic's version of "California Love"]

Grace Jones's version of "La Vie en Rose"
To Live & Shave in LA: "Poet's Chokehold"
Sherwood & Pinch "Different Eyes"
Donald Swearingen "Salvation at 1 AM" [excerpt]
Amadou Ballake et le Super Volta "Sali"
RG Rough "x​%​ü & _¤__ µµ"
Adult. "The Cold Call"
Luc Ferrari & Erikm "Archives sauvees des eaux: II" [excerpt]
Sugar Pie DeSanto "Can't Let You Go"
John Bender "Meat"
Viscera "Thinking Without Words"
Taki "Lock Me In Your Heart" 
One of You "Faded Flowers"

[your DJ speaks over Bana Haffar's "Endo"]

Hot Blood "Soul Dracula"
The Lake Millions "Soulbreak"
Lesley Gore "The Party's Over"
Ande Somby "Gufihttar"
Ekin Fil "Maps"
Miki Yui "Bebe"
Esplendor Geometrico "Animatriz"

[DJ a-talkin', this time over Fourth World Magazine's "Frolicking and Monsters"]

The Legendary Pink Dots "Defeated"
Yannick Dauby - Track 12 of the album, Lind, Raud
Kathy Hinde "Tui"
katapulto w/ Santiago Martinez "El Percebe (Goose Barnacle)]
Random Insults "Time Stands Still"
Akatombo "Pragmatism"
Malcolm Goldstein performing James Tenney's "Koan"
...mixed with Benedict Drew's "ASTRAL DERBY"
John Cage on sound and silence
...the rest of the Benedict Drew piece.
The Mothers of Invention "America Drinks and Goes Home"

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