Monday, November 5, 2018

Getting Over Ourselves

[originally aired 11/5/2018]


Hive Mind "Death Tone" [excerpt]
Shepard's Tone
Malcolm Goldstein "our breath as bones' [excerpt]
Nazoranai "Feel the Ultimate Joy Towards the Resolve..." [short excerpt]
the rain
Chrome "The Rain" [apologies for obviousness]
Port Said "Indian Ocean, Voyage 2"
TALsounds "My Way" [excerpt]  
Tutu "Adeu"
Neurosis & Jarboe "Within"
One of You "Don't Be Desperate (Czech version)

[your DJ speaks over Eno's Deep Blue Day]

Slick Rick "Children's Story"
Johanna Went "Slave Beyond the Grave"
Twilight Circus Meets Edward Ka-Spel "Church of Cheese '75"
Brent Wilcox "Leisure"
Merzbow "Age of 369" part 1 [excerpt]
You Suck "The You Suck Chant"
Nick Hennies "The Living Piano"
Henry Jacobs "Electronic Kabuki Mambo"
Herbert Henck performing John Cage's "Sonata No. 1 for Prepared Piano"

[your DJ speaks over "G.v.e." by Air]

Erkin Koray "Turku"
Wagagroove "Trimopen"
Cyrnai "friction song"
HOGG "Positive Pleasure"
John Trubee "Blind Man's Penis"
Dan Joseph "Set of Four: Closing"
...later mixed with Blackhouse's "Metal"
Bruce Lamont "Goodbye Electric Sunday"
Lung "abuse"
Big City Orchestra "shin paku"
...mixed with Diamanda Galas "There Are No More Tickets to the Funeral" 
Richard Kostelanetz "Murdoch & the Sufi"
...mixed with: bees
Daniele Ciullini "Empty Factory"

[your humble DJ speaks once again]

Vidna Obmana "torch of remembrance"
Merzbow & Wolf Eyes "Victoriaville Mai 2011" [excerpt]
Bene Gesserit "Nobody is Perfect"
Dali Vision "Red Lot"

[end of recording]   

PSA time!  atop The Traffic's version of "White Lines"
Michigan & Smiley "Diseases"
More PSAs!  Over "Hustling" by the Hustlers, naturally
Death Factory "Revelation of the Fendahl"

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