Tuesday, November 20, 2018


[originally aired on 6/25/2018]

Goldilocks & The Three Bears
Voice Crack “Horned Aerial Bull”
Diamanda Galas “Do Room”
More Goldilocks
Bettye Swann “Don’t Touch Me”
Alien Vegan Sect “Souvenirs from Mars”
Marlo Eggplant “Harpbreaks”
Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto “Dejala Llorar”
Remigiusz Mazur-Hanaj “Halo, Panie Marianie“
Brian Lavelle & Richard Youngs “Coded Easter Cork Completes Visiting Arrival”
Joe Colley “Bruise Voltage and Field Error”
Test Dept. “Natura Victus” [Mix Humana]
Le Fond De L’Aire Effraie “follow the footprints”
Lucrecia Dalt “Levedad”
Blue Sausage Infant “How to Achieve Somnambulism”
Eternal Scream “How I Wish”

[your DJ speaks over Conrad Schnitzler’s “Gelb 5”]

Sharaf Band “My Life is Full of Tribulations”
Bambi Kino Duo “Second Thought”
Merzbow “Ambient Study for Kinbaku-bi part 1”
…mixed with…Philip Glass – the second half of Part 5 of his Music in Twelve Parts
Ryuichi Sakamoto “solari”
Core “In All Directions”
Ann-Margaret “C’est Si Bon”
The Briks “Foolish Baby”

[your dj speaks over Adrian Younge’s “Black Noise”]

Lake Waves
Neel “Post Landing”
… with Chiitra Neogy reciting a poem called The Blue Sari, by 15th- Century Bengali poet, Chandi Das
…with Paul Dolden’s “Veils” mixed in…

[your DJ speaks again, over the Old School Dub version of Skee-Lo’s “I Wish”]

Bo Dollis and The Wild Magnolias “Meet de Boys on the Battlefront”
Porest “Lady Surinam”
Dust “Chasin’ Ladies”
Square/Sine “Some Song” [sarah remove Scission subtile from playlist,played it already. .bo ta cool too]
Shit & Shine “Schecter Omen Extreme 6”
Conrad Schnitzler “Gelb” 1
Machinefabriek & Stephen Vitiello “Chocolate Sprinkes, Tape, Egg Cutter, Rice, Plastic Bag”
… mixed with… Sayat Nova Project recording of stringed instruments from the Caucusus
Yannick Dauby “Track 10” from Lind, Raud
Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans “Solar Energy” from the Energy & Motion Songs album
Zeitkratzer “The Avalanche” 
Jean Gilbert “Elektrostuhl”
Mikrokolektyw “Rocket Street”
Barbara Okan-Makowska “Electronic Music Part 3”

[your DJ speaks over Syrinx “Hollywood Dream Trip”]

King Floyd “Hard to Handle”
Wganda Kenya “Tamba”
Ergo Phizmiz “Chess”
Peder Mannerfelt “We’re Committed Now” [excerpt]
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet “Common Housefly Symphony”
Slim Gaillard & His Boogiereeners “Sightseeing Boogie”
Meow Mix
Kudsi Erguner Ensemble “Tanbur Taksim”

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