Monday, September 9, 2019

Blackwing Transport: WZRD Sept. 16th 2019

Gokcen Kaynatan "Anjiyo"
Sixes "Hinnom"
Beach Surgeon "Cypress Tavern"
...mixed with: Skozey Fetisch "Exploitable Rift"
Glice "Tamarix"
Chicago lakefront park, last week
Amen Dunes "1985"

[your dj speaks]

Insect Ark "The Collector"

Javier Diez Ena & His Theremins "Sunny Garcia"
Lupinaria "...(War)"
John McCowen & Madison Greenstone "Mundana II"
...with Isnaj Dui "Diffraction Gratings" turn mixed with Steve Bates "Baron"
Jonas Gruska "Volanie"

[your DJ speaks over the Earth People]

Durul Gence "Boo Song"
Can "Turtles Have Short Legs"
Author & Punisher "A Crude Sectioning"
Tatsu Aoki "Orange Skin House"
Midmight "West Winds"
Rambutan "Out of the Void"
the end of the record
The Modern Folk Quartet "This Could Be The Night"
Lituus - a track off the album 2236 S Wentworth Ave
Kallous Boys "Tranquilise"
Franco Battiato "Ruby Tuesday"

[the wizard speaks!  over Die Krupps doing Metallica]

Bernard Bonnier "Blue Marine"
Sten Hanson "The Birthplace of Matter" [excerpt]
...with Steve Bates "Drumming trains"
Rune Lindblad "Attack III" [excerpt]
DOG "Our Souls Being Sucked Into Space"
Adam Bohman "Another Day, Another Concert"
...mixed with the BBC
Silica Gel "Master of the Game"
Tom Hall "Slipper"
S. P. Balasubrahmanyam & S. Janaki "Sumam Pratisumam" 
Dee Dee Sharp w/ Chubby Checker "Slow Twistin'"

[your humble wizard tells you what's been playing, with Adonis playing beneath]

Oscar Brown, Jr. "But I Was Cool"
Lubricated Goat "The Hedonists"
...with Points Of Friction "Neighbor's Pulse"
...and Death Praxis "Hearse"
PBK "A Justifiable Rigor" [excerpt]
The Weavers "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?"
another PBK track: "Contradictory Terms"
Slapp Happy "I Got Evil"
Do Pas O "Fucking Drum Circle"
Keith Mlevhu "Dzikolino Ni Zambia"
...with Nevari Butchers "Arms 1"
 [end of recording]

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